Chad Doerman Pleads “Not Guilty” To The Killing Of His Sons

In the usually quiet Monroe Township, Ohio, a 32-year-old man, Chad Doerman, committed the grievous sin of killing his sons. His sons, Clayton, Hunter, and Chase Doerman, who were ages seven, four, and three respectively.

Chad Doerman

He killed them and almost killed his stepdaughter in their home on June 15, 2023. His wife was injured during this attack. The case has left the people of Ohio in a daze, it was an event they never suspected. 

Chad Doerman Horrific Crime

He was arrested and charged with murder, felonious assault, and kidnapping. He took the “not guilty” case on June 23, but the prosecution and the people of Monroe are seeking the death penalty for him.

The event occurred on June 15 evening. He came home earlier than usual on that day and asked his family to join him in the primary room for a nap. The supposed nap ended in the gruesome death of three kids, and a traumatic experience for one. Chad pulled a Marlin Model 70HC.22 rifle and shot his three young kids. 

He shot Hunter twice, killing him instantly. His wife, shocked, tried waking her son, while urging her other son, Clayton, to run. Chad chasing his second son was distracted by his stepdaughter, who urged Clayton to run faster. According to the Wikipedia report, Chad chased after Clayton, shooting him from behind. It was a shot to the head. 

Chad Doerman Kills Sons

The stepdaughter ran back into the house to run with Chase. Chad tried shooting at her, but found out he was out of bullets. He threatened her to leave his son and went inside the house to get more bullets. Chase, seeing this, ran to his Mum, who he saw coming outside the house. It also allowed his stepdaughter to seek help from the Monroe Township Fire Department. Alas, it was too late. 

Chad ran out to shoot his son, and in the process injured his wife, who was trying to protect her Chase. Chad finally shot his son dead with a bullet in his head. He laid his dead children in the yard and watched as his wife tried resuscitating them.

Chad Doerman Arrest and Arraignment 

The police came and arrested him at 4:27pm. That ended the horrific event that occurred on June 15th in the Doerman household. 

The wife in shock was transported to the hospital for treatment. Doerman confessed to the police as he was arrested. He said “I did it. Take me to jail”. During an interview, he admitted he had been planning the horrific event since October 2022. 

The event was so horrific, his stepdaughter suffered psychological shock from the event. He was charged with nine counts of aggravated murder, felonious assault, and kidnapping. He was taken to court, and pleaded “not guilty” on June 23, 2023. 

Chad Doerman Update

His trial will begin in July, 2024.

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