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Cheapest Travelling Destinations in World

If you think that travelling through various countries is very expensive, then your mind will definitely change after reading this article. Travelling is the best way to know about geography and culture of a country. No one can get the exact information about a place by just surfing on the internet. Going to another country is not always a pricey deal. This world is really a large place to roam around and you can find too many cheap destinations for visiting.

There are many countries whose currency value is very low as compare to yours. Here you can easily convert your 1-month salary into a luxury holiday budget. It is the smartest way of travelling without the tension of financial issue. You can stay in premium class hotels and can do shopping as much as you can. Isn’t it seems like a wonderful feeling? So what are you waiting for? Take a break from your work, Pack your travelling bag and start the journey. Some options are mentioned below that will help you to select your favourite destination. Take a look and prepare the list of adventures you are going to do there.

Cheapest travelling destinations


Many people are unknown to the beauty of Vietnam but you must check it out at once. It is a very cheap place for travelling because the currency value is very low here. You can easily afford the good hotels, food and travelling fair in this country. The natural sites of this place are eye catching for nature lovers. You can relax here while enjoying your favourite beer without any crowd and pollution. The Phong Nha-he bang national park is a paradise for cave explorers. These 400 million-year-old caves attract thousands of tourists from worldwide to visit here every year. The ho chin Minh city is another beautiful place to visit which has a war museum and temples of various civilisations.


Thailand is a very famous yet cheaper destination to visit because if it’s exotic food, lifestyle and beaches. This country is rich in culture and traditions. Thailand has everything which a tourist needs to watch such as see beaches, party hubs in Bangkok, historical temples and forests to explore. Revenue of this country basically depends upon the tourism so government provides too many facilities for tourists. The ancient Buddhist temples of Ayutthaya are just mind blowing. Sea beach of Railay is no like any random beach. Just visit there and feel the difference. The small islands and beaches are really magnificent art sculptures of nature.


Another magnificent place to visit with a minimal amount of money is Cambodia. it has too many historical places which will surely attract you to watch them. The main centre of attraction of this place is Angkor Wat temple. It is the largest religious monument in this world which was originally constructed as the temple of Hindu god Vishnu. You will surely impress by the greatness of this place. The riverside location of its capital city Phnom Penh cannot be ignored. Sea beaches of Sihanoukville are the perfect place for a party. The Mondulkiri province of Cambodia is considered as original wild east where you can discover a wide range of wildlife.


While talking about India as a travelling destination, you have countless options to select from premium class to standard level. It is not too expensive to travel across India with a limited amount of monetary sources. There are lots of places to visit here which are almost more than any other country in the world. It is the 7th largest country in the world including all types of locations, climates and cultures. Desert, snow, beaches, forests and planes anything you want to watch is available in India. There are countless reasons to visit in a country like India. Famous historical monuments and temples like taj mahal, Jagannath temple, Somnath temple and taj mahal etc are really spectacular. You cannot find the variations in cultures, lifestyle, foods and locations in any part of the world more than India.


It is the smallest country of South America with fantastic sites to visit. Uruguay is situated between Brazil and Argentina which is a safe and sophisticated place for travellers. This beautiful place has many sea beaches to relax. The capital city Montevideo is full of historical buildings such as theatres and art museums.  You can enjoy the party till the whole night in Punta Del Este. This place is full of beaches and seaside homes to relax. The climate of Uruguay always remains moderate for the whole year so you can visit this beautiful place anytime.

After knowing about these magnificent places, you can definitely plan a trip with a low budget. The world map is full of beautiful sites which do not requires a huge amount of money. It takes just a travelling instinct and some holidays plan a trip. Various popular travelling agencies can arrange your trip including air tickets, hotel stay, food and local transportation. It will reduce the burden of planning for a right place and food availability. Just ensure that you have exchanged enough currency to spend in that particular country. Travelling through different countries is not as difficult as you think. As an average salary earning person, you can easily visit any cheap country once in a year. So don’t waste time and start utilising the blank pages of your passport.

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