Types Of Bikes

Different Types Of Bikes

You may be unaware, but not all bikes are created equal. There are many types of bike which vary in size, shape, and intended use. Because of this, it can be difficult to know which would be the best fit for you and your lifestyle. 

For this reason, this guide aims at covering the most common types of bikes and what they can be used for. Depending on your lifestyle, what type of terrain you plan to ride on most, and level of fitness, you can decide on the right bike for you. 

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Road Bikes

Like the name suggests, road bikes are perfect for the road. While other bikes can be used, road bikes have thin tires and a lightweight frame to allow you to make the most out of riding on roads. 

The frame for road bikes also features lower handlebars than most other types of bikes. This is to allow as much streamline as possible, and allow you to reach higher speeds with less resistance. 

Road bikes are great for commutes, fun, or sports training on long roads. They are not the most suitable for different types of terrain, however. Due to their lightweight nature and design focused on speed, riding a road bike over grass, rocky patches, or loose ground can be very difficult and uncomfortable. 

Mountain Bikes

For a more heavy-duty bike intended to be great on uneven terrain, mountain bikes are perfect for off-road bike adventures. Unlike road bikes, the tires are much wider and have more knobs to make light work of loose ground or rocks. 

Not all mountain bikes have suspension, but it is recommended that you use one with it installed. This can soften the blow of some of the more bumpy impacts and allow you to move through the grass, mountains, or rough terrain easier. 

Mountain bikes are perfect for an all-round bike because of their versatility. They can be used on roads, long bike rides, or around the neighborhood. You could consider buying a mountain bike for your children if you think they would use it. 

Touring Bikes

The slightly more durable cousin of the road bike is a touring bike, which has been designed to withstand long journeys. This can be seen in the wider tires which have space for mudflaps, which allows a little more balance and terrain options. 

Touring bikes also have longer wheelbases, which gives the rider more control. Some will also include attachments for small bags. A stronger frame makes it easier to bring what you need, and be comfortable at the same time. 

Electric Bikes

Something which has already been loved by many is the electric bike. A small, silent motor helps propel you forward when you are struggling. This can be on larger hills, tougher terrain, or any flat road where you feel as though you need a little break from peddling. 

Electric bikes are revolutionary, and allow more people to enjoy cycling than ever before. Being able to have the motor to fall back on allows you to cover longer distances, and rest assured that you won’t get too tired. 

Of course, electric bikes are significantly heavier than other bike frames because of the motor. But that would be our only complaint, as they can be seen in commuter, mountain, and road bike forms. 

Folding Bike

These are perfect for someone who does not have a lot of storage space, or who commutes to work. Folding bikes, like the name suggests, have a frame that folds into a smaller, compact shape. This makes it easier to carry or tuck away if you cycle to work or if you prefer to cycle only during a particular time of year. 

The small wheels help make this contraption easier to fold away, although this means that folding bikes are less suitable for different terrains. Smaller tires will provide less support than a mountain bike, for example. 


Also known as a commuter bike, hybrid bikes demonstrate a combination of features from road and mountain bikes. The main selling point of these bikes is that you can go wherever you want to without worrying about the impact or damage to your bike. 

It is easy to change the tires to slimmer ones suitable for the road, or thicker mountain tires. Both comfort and versatility are key in the hybrid bike design, and the geometry is similar to that of a mountain bike.


There are, of course, other types of bikes out there that you can choose from. However, these are some of the most frequently used bikes currently on the market. Try to consider how you want to use a bike before making a purchase, and using the information above to decide on a specific type of bike.

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