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Top 10 Bicycle Accessories Every Bike Should Have

It’s more popular than ever right now to grab a bike or a tricycle for adults and take it for a spin on a trail or cycling path in the neighborhood. Before going out for your next trip, gear up with these top 10 bike accessories.

1. Helmet

If you’re eyeing up that fat tire electric bike for sale, the first accessory you need before riding is a protective helmet. A helmet is a must-have for any rider who wants to be safe. For tips on preparing for cycling races, visit

2. Lights

Next, your riding safety at night can get a big boost if you install lights on your bike. Start with reflective lights along the wheels and other parts of your bike and put a rider operated headlight on the front.

3. Bells

The trails outdoors can be crowded with walkers, hikers and other riders. Let people know you’re coming by using a bell warning system you equip your bike with.

4. Cargo Rack 

Make your bike even more functional by adding cargo holding accessories to its frame. You can do this by attaching a basket to the front or a convenient cargo rack to the back of your bicycle. Then, you can use your bike to make quick trips to the market or other stores instead of wasting gas.

5. GPS Navigation System 

If you want to track your rides and go to different trails that are out of the way or unfamiliar, a GPS navigation system is a must. Choose a computer GPS system that is customized for biking to get the most out of your long rides.

6. Child Seat 

Turn your bike ride into a family affair by adding a child seat to the back of your bike. For smaller children, you can also opt to tow a child trailer and have your little ones sit back and relax while you pull them along the path.

7. Mirrors 

Just like driving a car, navigating a bike requires an ability to see all around you and make sure there aren’t any hazards in the way. Make this an easier feat and improve your ride safety by placing mirrors strategically on your bike to improve visibility.

8. Anti-Theft Locking System 

Unfortunately, some people will see your bike as a target for property theft. To combat this and to keep your bike safe from thieves, you’ll need an effective bike lock or another type of anti-theft system.

9. Water Bottle Holder 

Next, give yourself plenty of opportunities to stay hydrated by equipping your bike with a water bottle holder. Choose an option that has a universal size that can fit your favorite water bottle or other types of drinks.

10. Electric Motor

Finally, if you want to give yourself an even smoother and more comfortable ride, choose to upgrade your bike with an electric motor. Convert your bike into an electric beach cruiser to get the ultimate leisure activity.

You can customize your bike to fit your lifestyle and preferences with these recommended accessories. Increase the fun and make your bike safer and more convenient by purchasing different accessories for your ride.

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