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5 Health Benefits Of Cable Strength Training

Strength Training. 

Strength training is about strengthening your muscles, it can include resistance training too, or even be co-named this. Unlike cardio, you are not building your stamina, but instead your resistance, which add muscle growth 

Strength training can be done in many ways, at your home, the gym, anywhere. There are some machines that will help you more in strength training, just check out this maxpro review. See what we mean?

There are so many options, but many people are leaning more towards cable strength training lately, why? Well, every type of strength training has its own benefits, but people really seem to like what cable strength training has to offer them. 

Okay, cable machines are not trendy, per se. However, you should always consider it, and more people are. Trainers find cable machines to be one of their absolute favorites, something they use themselves because of the plethora of benefits it offers. 

So, today we will introduce you to cable machines, and how awesome they can be for your workout. 

What’s Good About It? 

You might be the kind of person working on their strength training with a preference for weight lifting, and that is totally fine, but try out cable machines once or twice and feel what they can give you after you stick with them for a while. 

What can they give you that other machines can’t? Well, these five benefits all come in tow with one another, and you can’t usually get all five of these benefits from any other machine simultaneously. 

#1. You Get Constant Tension. 

Cable machines can provide you with a constant tension while you use them, lifting and lowering the attached weight. 

Muscle growth and strength in your muscles increases based on how much tension is placed on the muscle while you work it out. Cable machines will fatigue your active muscles faster which results in more gains. 

This is often what we seek out in our strength training, fast gains. We all know that our muscles have had a proper good work out if they are tired after. Jelly legs are a good sign of a good leg day after all. 

#2. Muscle Isolation. 

Not only do your muscles get tired quicker, but because you stand while you use this machine instead of being seated you can activate your core (abs, back, obliques, and hips), and you can target your muscle uniquely as you work out. 

So, if you were to be doing a cable back row while standing, as well as working out your upper back, then you would also engage other muscles too, including; thighs, calves, buttocks and abs. 

Working out multiple muscles all at once means that you get a greater challenge, and if you are at a gym, you are getting faster results thus more for your money! 

Sure, seated machines are great, but they support you and isolate your muscles for you, so it is not as challenging. This is the DIY version and much more challenging. Surely you like a challenge? Right? 

#3. Realistic Structure. 

Cable machines have a magical effect: they work you out in a way that is more similar to real life and real world movements. Unlike many other weight training machines which train you in a way you are very unlikely to use in day to day life. 

This means that you will train your legs from a standing position, mimicking standing from sitting, and so on. It can also improve your balance. 

#4. Variation.

The more you use a cable machine the more you will discover about how you can use it. You can do a plethora of exercises on a singular machine. You can easily switch it up, and do all you need just at this one machine. 

A cable machine is there for you on leg day, arm day and core day. No matter what you do, this machine has got you covered. If you need a piece of equipment for your home gym, this is the one to get. 

#5. Safety.

Safety is key, so many accidents can happen when you are working out. Cable machines have you in full control at all times. You have more control than you do with dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells. 

How many times have you seen someone drop their weight because it is too heavy, it’s just a recipe for disaster. 

You can drop the weight on a cable machine, but it’s much less likely, and you won’t get hurt  because the weight remains inside the machine.

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