Ganoderma Mushrooms
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Ganoderma Mushrooms promise a lot of health benefits

Mushrooms are much more than delicacies that delight food connoisseurs because some varieties of mushrooms like the Reishi or Ganoderma mushrooms have strong medicinal qualities that have been available for more than 2000 years in Asia. This type of mushroom has high healing powers for a long list of conditions, and this article should help you learn about the health benefits of Ganoderma mushrooms. The mushroom is grown across Asia and acquires different names in different countries.

In Japan, it is popular as Reishi mushroom, and the Chinese call it Lingzhi. Asian countries have a rich heritage of herbal medicines, among which Ganoderma mushrooms hold a place of their own due to their ability to effectively treat various ailments.  Among various health benefits of the mushroom, the most important is its ability to boost the immune system, and some even claim that the herb can treat cancer.

What is the Ganoderma mushroom?

Mushrooms belong to the fungus family, and the Ganoderma mushroom is no exception. The mushroom grows in hot and humid locations across Asia, and many people see it as a tough and woody mushroom with a bitter taste. The entire piece of mushroom, the part above the ground, and the part under the ground are usable for medicinal purposes.

The benefits of Ganoderma mushrooms have been studied scientifically and provide strong evidence to support its claim for medicinal benefits.

Immune system booster

Studies in the laboratory have demonstrated that Ganoderma mushrooms impact the blood cells’ genes that are critical parts of the body’s immune system. Besides, some studies show that the mushrooms have specific properties that can alter the blood cells’ inflammation pathways.  Studies carried out on cancer patients have shown that some mushroom molecules activate and recharge one type of white blood cell that can kill cancer cells. Reishi mushrooms boost the immune system of sick people and healthy people, as revealed in some studies. The studies establish the impact of Reishi mushrooms on white blood cells and improve immune function.

Fight depression and fatigue

In addition to boosting the immune system, Ganoderma mushrooms have other health benefits too. It can fight depression and fatigue and ensure a better quality of life.  Researchers have carried out various studies and are convinced about the mushroom’s ability to fight fatigue and improve people’s overall wellness and well-being. The effects become visible after administering the herb to people for about 4 weeks. The people participating in the study experienced lesser anxiety and depression.

Improves heart health

Triglycerides and cholesterol levels are indicators of heart health.  A study carried out on 26 people for 12 weeks has shown that Ganoderma or Reishi mushroom increases good cholesterol of HDL and reduces triglycerides to improve heart health.

Control blood sugar

Studies carried on animals have shown that Reishi mushrooms have the potential to reduce blood sugar levels. Similar findings are available from studies carried out on humans. However, more research is necessary to arrive at a firm conclusion.

Studies are underway to determine the anti-oxidant level in Reishi mushrooms, and the results are quite encouraging.

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