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7 Home Remodeling Trends for the New Year

Being stuck at home for the vast majority of the past two years has led to many people attempting major home renovation projects. However, due to supply chain shortages and other major difficulties, conducting these renovations has proven difficult. All the same, there’s never been a better time to dive into the world of home renovations.

Not sure what adjustments you should make? No worries! Our list of the 7 most popular home remodeling trends will give you an idea of how you can refresh and remake your home in the new year.

1. Upgrading Your Work-From-Home Setup

With many jobs continuing to offer remote work or moving to a hybrid model that splits the home and the office, it’s become more important than ever to have a proper home office. Working from the couch while trying to tune out the kids and neighbors isn’t going to cut it.

Therefore, one of the most common home renovation projects in the new year is to create that space to work. Sound-proofing the walls and providing good lighting and technological infrastructure for those interminable Zoom meetings can revitalize your work-from-home setup.

2. Increasing Energy Efficiency

Another major focus of most home remodeling projects over the past few years has been “greening” the house. Increasing the energy efficiency of your home can reduce your energy bills and help you reduce your carbon footprint. Some of the most common ways a home remodel will increase energy efficiency include:

  • Swapping out older windows for more efficient models
  • Reinforcing the insulation of the house
  • Adjusting the electronics in the kitchen and other places to more energy-efficient models
  • Using eco-friendly materials like bamboo in new flooring

These steps are only a few that you can take during your home remodeling to increase your home’s eco-friendliness.

3. Bring the Indoors Out, and the Outdoors In

People have been desperate to get out of their homes due to the off-and-on lockdowns and other protocols. As such, there’s been a strange blending of indoors and outdoors occurring over the past few years. That trend is expected to continue into this year as people expand outdoor spaces to include dining areas and covered living rooms. 

This trend is also reflected in people bringing the outdoors inside. This can happen through natural materials, earthen tones, and a wide variety of plant life. Increasing the natural light available in a home is another way you can capitalize on this trend.

4. Crafting a Spa Experience With a Bathroom Remodel

Everyone wants their bathroom to become their oasis and sanctuary. With everything that’s going on in the world, it’s little wonder that we all want to melt away our stress with spa-like experiences in our bathroom. Between calming colors, incorporated aromatherapy, and massive soaking tubs, we want to lie back and relax in warm water with a glass of wine in hand. Or else, to stand and relax in steaming hot showers that may as well function as saunas.

If you can, find ways to invest in more subdued lighting. Or, even better, app-controlled, adjustable lights. This can help to create that intimate spa experience that you’ve been craving for so long.

5. Upgrading Your Home Cooking With a Kitchen Remodel

As part of the great reprioritization that occurred during the pandemic, many people have begun to home cook their meals. Restaurants may be reopening. Delivery services are easily accessible. However, eating and ordering out get expensive in a hurry. It’s far cheaper to cook at home, saving you almost $1000 a year.

Of course, because people spend more time cooking at home these days, they’ve come to realize how outdated their kitchen is. Whether it’s the old electric stove with drip pans or the fridge that never seems to keep your ingredients feeling fresh, or cabinetry that makes it feel like your grandmother’s kitchen, people are sick of their old cooking environs.

6. Make Space for Multiple Generations With ADUs

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes have gotten absolutely slammed by the pandemic. As such, many families want to find ways to accommodate their older relatives that need supervision and help without relying on those external facilities. Constructing ADUs, or Accessory Dwelling Units, on your property is one way you can do this.

Constructing an ADU that’s suitable for your elderly relative is one of the most expensive home remodeling projects you can undertake. As such, you might need to reach out for an ADU loan to finance the endeavor and ensure the proper accessibility provisions.

7. Bold Colors and Brilliant Textures

Last but not least, let’s talk about what’s on the inside of most current remodeling trends. Gone are the days of the black-and-white, Scandanavian minimalist aesthetic. People want something interesting to look at and reflective of their personalities on the inside of their homes.

As such, many home remodeling projects for living rooms involve using patches of bold, patterned wallpaper as focal points. Homeowners also want to play with texture blends to create new and unique design elements. This can include mixing metal tones, combining metallic and natural accents. Or, using thicker paints to create dimension on the walls.

Looking for More Home Remodeling Ideas and Inspiration?

The 7 current remodeling trends we listed above barely scratch the surface of what you may wish to do for your own space. If you’re looking for more home remodeling inspiration and ideas, why not check out our blog? We update each day with more helpful, informative home improvement content like this.

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