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Physical Activities While Traveling: How to Choose a Sport For Your Vacation?

People who work at a desk all day typically have a sedentary lifestyle. They spend most of their time sitting, and the few minutes they do stand up are usually spent walking from one meeting room to another.  When traveling for business or pleasure, however, these people often find themselves traveling by car or plane—and that means hours of sitting on the road or in the air. In fact, studies show that traveling can be as strenuous as being inactive for an entire workday!  But there’s good news: you can combat this with physical activity while traveling! 

Picking a sport to take along on your trip will help you stay fit and healthy during your travels without having to miss out on any fun activities. Here are some ideas for what kind of physical activities you can do while traveling.

Going to the Seaside? 

Don’t forget to pack the gear you need for your favorite activities. Physical activities are great when traveling, but they can be hard to do if you go somewhere without any of your regular equipment.

Paddle boarding is one of the sports that require little to no equipment and it can take place anywhere there’s water. Check out this review of the Glide Lotus to get an idea of what paddleboards are out there. It will help you burn calories while traveling in a fun way that doesn’t feel like exercise, just don’t fall off! Not only that, but paddle boarding also acts as a great core workout thanks to its stability aspect (keeping yourself stable on top of the board requires core strength). 

Mountains Offer Many Things to Do

Hiking is another activity that requires little preparation, you just need to make sure the weather conditions are good for it. Climbing mountains helps you tone your leg muscles while traveling, but there are other options as well, some of them indoors. For example, if you have a treadmill or an exercise bike at home but don’t want to take them with you on vacation, why not use one of those? Fitness equipment can be found in many hotels nowadays so don’t hesitate to ask the concierge where they are. 

Mountain climbing comes with an inherent risk and should only be attempted if you have someone experienced with you, though there is great pleasure in conquering a mountain top even when not considering the fitness level required. 

Other Beach Activities

Going for a surf or kayaking can also be a great way to tone your legs and stomach while traveling. They rely more on the equipment, but most places have beaches with rental facilities where you can get outfitted with everything you need! 

Surfing is probably something you hope to do for the rest of your life. Keeping your body healthy and fit is essential exercises for surfing.

Don’t forget about bodyweight exercises either, push-ups, squats, and crunches are easy to do on a sandy surface and don’t require any equipment.

Long Distance Walking 

Walking great distances is another way to see a city, especially when traveling alone and with no specific destination. Walk around town and discover things you wouldn’t have if traveling by car or public transit. Just walking for an hour can burn 400-500 calories, making it one of the top exercises for this sole reason. 

Many large cities will probably be too much to cover by foot (but will offer a metro or regular buses), though once you get to a nice spot – it’s nicer to experience a place through walking than from a bus window. 

Horse Riding

Horse riding may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about activities while traveling, but it can work great if you don’t want to do anything too strenuous. Horseback riding is actually excellent for your cardiovascular health and also works your abs, obliques, and back muscles. 

If visiting places that do have horses, such as ranches and villages, there will usually be someone to offer your starting lessons and maybe tours of the countryside on horseback, a wonderful experience in itself. 

The Best Sport to Get Fit While Traveling? 

The best option for traveling is actually to do what you’d normally do at home, if your usual routine includes any of the sports mentioned above then traveling won’t be an impediment. If not, or if traveling with friends who don’t want to exercise, plan out a route that will allow you to enjoy traveling without having to go too out of your way. 

Physical Activities

Traveling life can be rough when it comes to staying in shape. But there are plenty of ways you can stay active while traveling, from going for a run or hike to paddleboarding on the water.  One way is to plan ahead and know what kinds of physical activities might suit your destination best so that you don’t have any surprises once you arrive at your vacation spot. You may also want to try different types of exercises during each trip (running one day, hiking another) so that you mix things up but still keep yourself healthy and fit no matter where in the world you find yourself traveling next!

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