How to Choose the Right Rosary

Devout Catholics, especially Marian devotees, pray the Rosary, a series of prayers based on the events of Jesus Christ’s life, as detailed in the Gospels.

Now, if you’re new to the Catholic faith and want to start praying the Rosary, you’ll learn that there are four sets of Mysteries. These are Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Luminous. 

You’ll also notice that the prayers are repetitive. The repetition helps those who recite the Rosary be more contemplative and reflect on the Mysteries. 

Of course, even if you have no plans of converting to Catholicism and simply want to give a rosary to a loved one, it helps to know how to choose the best ones. Here are some tips that can help you pick suitable rosary beads.

Rosary Length: Short or Long? 

While some Catholics use a rosary necklace, you can opt for shorter rosaries with smaller beads. It’s also worth noting that rosaries with chain links are often longer than corded ones. 

It depends on your preferences or how the receiver of your rosary gift wants their beads. Shorter rosaries are ideal for when you want to tuck them into pockets or pouches. However, you could skip some beads if they’re not spaced far enough. 

The advantage of longer rosaries is you can use them without looking at the beads. They’re arranged adequately, so skipping beads won’t be an issue. Still, they’re not without downsides because longer ones tangle more easily.

Plain or Fancy?

If you’re checking men’s rosary necklace options, you’ll find that most have a basic design. The beads are smooth and feel pleasant to touch, making it easier to run your fingers through them.

Meanwhile, women’s rosary necklace choices may look more like jewelry. For example, birthstone rosaries have beads that look like precious stones. The surfaces are faceted, which means they don’t feel as smooth.

Again, it helps to think of who will use the rosary. You may want to give new Catholics and children plainer rosaries since decorative ones might be too much for them. Also, if you’re giving them to many people, you’ll save more if you choose a plainer design.

Special Devotion Rosaries

Some Catholics love to collect rosaries. If you can give them a special rosary, for example, one with a Divine Mercy centerpiece, they’ll surely appreciate your gift.

If you’re shopping for yourself, you can check different ones like rosaries with a St. Benedict medal or those bearing the image of Jesus’ Sacred Heart. As you grow into your faith, you could find yourself closer to certain saints or a particular devotion. 

The good news is you can deepen your devotion to them through special rosaries and medals. You can check out to know more about Christian and Catholic medallions.

Which Rosary Is Right for You?

Now that you know some pointers for choosing a rosary, will you buy some soon?

Remember, the best rosary is one you’ll use often. Consider this as well if you plan to give some rosaries as gifts. 

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