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How To Ensure Your House Plants Are Healthy

Regardless of your house plants collection, the basic needs are similar. How do you ensure to keep them in the best tip-top condition? Of course, a newbie in plant parenting can be easily overwhelmed by the requirements to ensure the plants are happy. However, most plants require minimal attention to be healthy. Most people think plants only need water for their care routine; there are other easy caring routines done a few times a year, for example, by pruning the leaves turning yellow.

Water Your Plants

Each plant species in the house differ in its water requirements which mainly depend on their growth and the season. Do not set your calendar on days you are supposed to water your plants; instead, water them when need be. From Online Garden Centre, you will see that flowering plants require more water, whereas the desert plants like succulents and cacti require less water. Avoid overwatering if you do not want to kill your house plant. 

Fertilizing The Plants

Similar to watering, no rules have been set on fertilizing; it is all dependent on the plant age, time of the year and growth rate. Primarily, house plants have a high growth rate in summer and spring; therefore, these are the best times to ensure you fertilize each plant in the household. In winter and fall, the days are short and require less or no fertilizer. Avoid over-fertilizing your plants as high levels of fertilizer concentration can burn the plant’s roots leading to stunted growth. Fertilizer containing potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus is a great option for flowering plant varieties. However, ensure to focus on the concertation levels of the fertilizer nutrients as a high concentration of nitrogen leads to overgrowth of leaves and only a few flowers are observed. 

Propagate Your Houseplants

Some plants greatly benefit from propagation through division or other methods when a need arises. Propagation helps rejuvenate overgrown plants and propel fresh growth. Additionally, it is a great and cheap mechanism for increasing your plant collection. Plants like bromeliads have new shoots on the plant base or offsets, easily divided and put in new plant pots. Some climbing house plants like pothos and philodendron always form new roots whenever their roots are in contact with soil, making them great candidates for cutting and starting new plants. 

Put Overgrown House Plants In New And Larger Pots

Do you feel like your plants are grown now and need new pots? Keenly check their root systems if you notice that the roots circle in the pot; that is the best time to report. Transfer to a bigger pot if the plant has already outgrown its pot. If you still want to keep the plant in the old container, then partly trim off the root system using a sharp object like a knife, and then replant it in a new container using freshly collected potting soil.

In conclusion, Online Garden Centre offers the best houseplant care techniques making your plant journey easy. Ensure to follow all the provided guidelines for healthy and beautiful houseplants. 

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