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How to Get Greener Grass: A Guide for Homeowners

Every homeowner longs for a beautiful, green lawn. A vibrant lawn is the result of persistent labor and a lot of know-how. And it’s worth it; a well-maintained lawn can increase your house’s value by 15-20%.

Perhaps you’re at your wit’s end and you still can’t figure out how to get greener grass. If you are looking for green grass tips then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things you should be doing to get green grass.

Know Your Grass

The first step to getting green grass is to what type of grass you’re dealing with. Not all grass is the same, and they are two main types of grass:

  • Cool-season grass
  • Warm-season grass

Knowing what type of grass you have is crucial as it will decide you mow your lawn. Cool-season grass grows in the northern states. It gets its lush green color from cooler evenings and a little more shade. It tends to be softer and thinner

Warm-season grass grows in the hotter southern states and can take a bit more tread than cool-season grass. Warm-season grass tends to be coarser and thicker

Aerate Your Lawn

If your soil is compacted it could be harming your grass. A simple way to test this is to push a screwdriver 6 inches into the soil. If it passes through easily then you don’t need to worry about aeration. However, if you struggle to get the screwdriver into the ground then your soil could be badly compacted.

If you have cool-season grass then you should aerate your lawn in late summer or early fall. For warm-season grass, aerate your lawn in late spring or early summer.


Take those summer holiday dates such as memorial day and July 4th and plan to fertilize your lawn. Fertilizer delivers essential nutrients to your lawn that are paramount for lush green grass.

The best time to fertilizing your lawn is when it’s freshly cut on a warm morning when there’s no visible due.

Watering the Grass

Without a proper lawn watering schedule, all of the above could very well be fruitless. This is why a good sprinkler system installation could be the best investment for your lawn. Calculating how much water your lawn needs can be difficult, and a good sprinkler system can save you a lot of that headache.

When you’ve worked out how much water your lawn needs you just need to work out when to water it. Ideally in the morning between 4-9 am for optimal absorption if you only have the chance to water it once.    

This Is How to Get Greener Grass

Now you know how to get greener grass. Identifying the type of grass on your lawn is the first step and everything else should follow through nicely. Be sure to research your type of grass thoroughly to find the best fertilizers and mowing techniques for your lawn.

For more tips for around the home and more be sure to take a look at the rest of our site. 

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