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How To Keep Geese Out Of Your Fields In A Humane Way

Geese are known for eating everything in their path and can pose a big problem for gardeners and farmers. Geese can decimate a garden in a matter of minutes and eat the crops before they have a chance to grow. They are also very territorial so if you cross into their domain, there are going to be problems (and lots of droppings). Luckily for farmers and other people who own large properties where geese like to hang out and graze, there are several effective humane ways to keep geese out of your fields.


One solution to keep the geese out of your fields is to install an electric fence barrier around your field. Geese don’t like the feeling of getting shocked and will avoid the area. If you don’t want to use this method, an electronic animal repellent is also an option for goose control that emits a high-pitched tone that mimics a predator’s cry and scares away geese! This way, you can avoid having to trap and relocate the geese, which is an expensive and time-consuming process.

Electronic animal repellents work as a humane goose deterrent because geese are frightened away by the high-pitched noise it creates. Geese will try to avoid the area altogether so you don’t have any future problems with their presence.

Goose Roundup

Another humane way to keep the geese out of your fields is by rounding them up, literally. Geese are very social creatures so they will follow each other anywhere, including into a pen. This is why goose roundups work; it allows the farmer or gardener to apply a new fence or barrier or even move onto a new area – the geese will follow! The only downside to this method is that it takes time.

Electric Fence

One solution to keep the geese out of your fields is to install an electric fence barrier around your field. Geese don’t like the feeling of getting shocked and will avoid the area. Setting up an electric fence can be one of those outdoor projects you do with your loved ones and it can be a fun thing to do. Just think of the benefits of setting it up and you can do other things in your yard as well. Electric fences are also great if you want to keep other predators out of your property. While an electric fence is effective for geese control, it doesn’t mean you should skimp on the quality. You will need a high-quality fence that can stand up to all kinds of weather and has several points where the wire attaches so that the current is distributed evenly across its length. Whether you set it up yourself or call professional services, a high-quality electric fence will keep a lot of unwanted visitors away. 

Training Geese To Stay Out

If you have a smaller piece of property where you don’t mind geese hanging out, training them to stay away from areas is a humane way to keep them from defecating everywhere. Geese are intelligent creatures and will quickly learn that they shouldn’t enter a certain area – but this method does take time. Training geese to stay out of your smaller property or yard can be done with a little patience and by following some simple steps.

First, identify the boundaries you want to use to keep the geese away from. These are areas where you definitely don’t want them hanging around, like your vegetable garden or pool area. Once these boundaries are set, begin training by placing benches or other objects in that area that has unpleasant associations for geese (like an umbrella in the pool). If possible place these items near water so they will associate the bad object with the water too. The goal is to make these places unpleasant for geese so they avoid them when you aren’t looking. Remember to maintain this routine over time because it takes months before the geese will understand and stay away.

Using Other Animals To Scare

If you are looking for ways to keep geese out of your fields in a humane way, using other animals is another option. For example, horses are very effective at keeping geese away because they will stomp their feet and make noises that scare the geese away. Other livestock can be used too but keep in mind that these creatures should stay with the rest of the herd! They shouldn’t be allowed to chase after individual geese or other wildlife or it could turn into a dangerous situation for both humans and animals.

What NOT To Do

There are some things you should avoid when looking for ways to keep geese away humanely. For example, chasing geese with loud machinery is not an effective way to get them to leave because it can stress out the birds and could cause injury. Additionally, if you use any chemicals or detergents that are toxic in any way, this is also considered inhumane because it can hurt your family or pets that come into contact with the area.

Lastly, avoid using sharp objects like nails that will injure wildlife when they try to enter a certain area. Geese can be injured by these tools too so don’t use them around places where the geese are likely to try and land or walkthrough. You want to make sure all strategies for geese control are humane since these animals are protected by federal laws that prohibit harming them in any way. You can also install an electric fence barrier around your field to keep geese out of your property in a humane way – but it has to be of good quality, otherwise, you need to avoid electric fencing as well. 


Geese are intelligent creatures, so it takes time before they will learn to stay away. Train them by placing bad associations in your yard for geese, like umbrellas near the pool, benches near the crops you don’t want them eating, and other items that make an unpleasant noise such as bells or wind chimes. These objects should be left there permanently because geese remember things well and will not enter those areas after they find out what happens! Remember to keep training no matter how long it takes for the birds to understand where they aren’t allowed. 

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