Kids fashion – A revolutionary Global Trend

Gone are the days when children clothes were bought from the neighborhood garment shop. Necessity was over preference and choice in those days. Parents did not buy clothes based on brands. The only criteria taken into account was the price of the garments. Kids did not have any sense of choice in fashion. They didn’t have any role model or brand ambassador to look up to or rather imitate. The generation was simple. Kids fashion included plain cotton t-shirts, pajamas, traditional Dhoti Kurta dress, and pants, while the girls dressed up like dolls in frill fairy frocks. This was more or less the scenario of kids fashion in the earlier era.

But as we live in the 21st century now, we can’t expect things to be the same. We have come a long way in all terms of living our lives. Our fashion statements have also seen a drastic and positive change. Today we see different trends going around everywhere in the world. Most of the credit for this change goes to the introduction of advertisements. Can you think of any product or service which does not use the mode of advertisements to reach its audience? I am sure this is very tough to answer. As the rate of population has increased tremendously, advertising through different mediums is the only way of being heard or seen.

Then why do you think kids fashion would stay away from this? Adults have various choices of clothes. In a similar manner, kids today have a variety of dress codes and fashion trends to choose from. Nowadays we see a lot of advertisements coming on the television. One such trending right now is Flipkart. They have come up with a unique idea of promoting their portal through kids. If you have seen the ads, then you will relate to this. In the ad we see kids dressed up as adults talking about fashion. We see how they are showcasing the most common fashion problem which is knowing and following the right fashion. But here they have tried to reach out to their youngest customer. When kids see such ads, they become inquisitive about it.

Online shopping has also widened its horizons. Now websites like, are designed specifically for kids. Here you will find everything for the infants till the toddlers. If you observe the products in the market, you will understand that there is much more variety for kids than it is for the adults. Now small girls have the option of wearing sarees, lehengas( that too designer’s ), formal, gowns, jeans and much more. Whereas on the other side, it is same for the boys too. They can choose from formal dress codes to informal dhoti Kurta. They can also get a designer Sherwani or a ripped jeans. Superhero t-shirts are the newest addition to the trend.

Kids fashion has grown and now has become a talk of the town. We no longer can choose clothes for the little ones. Now they have their own choices and also the preference of brands and styles. They often idolize star kids. AaradhyaBachchan( Aishwarya Rai’s daughter) is one such fashion ambassador among kids today. We will often hear from little girls how even they want the hair band or the frock which she is wearing on television.

Kids are innocent, and they take the shape of the mould parents put them in. Things and situations will keep changing from one generation to another. And there is absolutely nothing wrong in it. But helping our kids take steps in the right direction is in our hands. Kids fashion has evolved and has made dressing up fun for all the cute kids out there!!

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