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Moving To Singapore? 4 Must-Haves When Living In A Tropical Climate

The experience of moving from one country to another is usually full of mixed emotions. On the one hand, you are super excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. On the other hand, there is an unknown factor about the future your new home holds. Moreover, you will have to readjust to the new conditions.

That’s especially true when you move from a cooler to a tropical climate. The change introduces new challenges that you’ll need to prepare for. 

In this article, I will share some hacks to make this transition more smooth. So, if you’re moving to Singapore check here for best things to do in Singapore, below are some of the must-have equipment to get you ready for the tropical climate:

1. Warmer Clothes

Your wardrobe will need a complete makeover when you move to Singapore. You’ll need to drop the winter gloves, fur-lined boots, and heavy jackets. 

Then, replace them with some warmer clothes for the warmer climate. That includes tank tops, shorts, flip flops, button-down shirts, dresses, basket & baseball caps, and so on. These clothes will make your life a lot more comfortable.

The tropical climate also has a way of encouraging people to spend time outdoors. Therefore, you’ll probably be looking for outdoor activities like swimming, boating, fishing, running, hiking, and biking to keep yourself busy.

You’ll need to get the right clothes for those activities. You’ll also have to invest in the right gear, e.g., swimming costumes and fishing rods, in preparation for your outdoor adventures.

2. Skin Protection Products

Expect a lot of exposure to the sun when you move to Singapore. While this is an exciting prospect to most people, excessive exposure to the sun also poses a few dangers. For starters, you may experience sunburns which can get pretty uncomfortable.

Come prepared with sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats. You may also want to look for UV protection and moisture-wicking clothes to keep your skin safe while running errands.

3. A well-ventilated house

It may seem like a no-brainer but make sure you move to a house with excellent ventilation. Otherwise, the heat will make your days and nights unbearable.

Check the house to ensure there are enough windows and optimal air circulation. You also want to inspect the air conditioner and make sure it’s running smoothly. If your new home doesn’t have a functional air conditioner, you can check out the best aircon servicing and repair in Singapore at Get the professional technicians to fix your ac and make your home more habitable.

4. Bug Repellants

Insects and bugs thrive in tropical climates. And no, they are not just a nuisance when you’re outdoors. So expect some of these bugs to find their way into your home.

Besides making your life uncomfortable, some bugs and insects can pose serious health issues. Therefore, you’ll need to take a proactive approach to keep your family safe. 

There are various ways of doing that. One, you can go around your home sealing cracks and openings.

Two, keep your kitchen sparkling clean at all times. Clean your counters and make sure your faucets are not dripping any water. You should also seal your cabinets to keep foodstuffs away from bugs. 

Your kitchen is not the only thing you need to keep clean. Clean the rest of your home as well. Not only that, but clear your backyard too. A bushy outdoors facilitates the breeding of bugs. These bugs will eventually migrate into your home. Stop that by keeping your outdoor space neat.

Additional Tips For Moving To Singapore

Here are some bonus tips to prepare you for the big move to Singapore:

  • English is the official business language

Don’t worry about learning a new language when moving to Singapore. If you’re an English native speaker, you’ll be delighted to know that English is a widely spoken language, especially in the professional field. You can then learn Singlish gradually.

  • Look for an apartment beforehand

Don’t wait until you reach Singapore to look for a property. Get a short-term lease of a nice property where you can stay as you learn more about the country. You can then search for a more long-term solution from there.

That is a great approach because you’ll be able to look for a home when you already have a basic understanding of the neighborhoods, public transport, etc.

Singapore is a great destination. Although an attraction to some people, the tropical climate does take some time to get used to. However, if you have the right gear and mindset, your transition should be seamless. Use the above guide to prepare yourself accordingly. Here’s to your new adventure on the island of Singapore!

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