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Need Help Staying Sober? Here’s Some Important Advice

If you or someone you know has a problem with addiction, it can be hard to stay sober. Many different factors make recovery difficult. However, many things can help keep a person once addicted on the right track. This article will discuss some of these helpful tips and provide information about how to find support when needed.

Reach out for help when needed 

One of the primary things that you can do to remain sober is to reach out for help when needed. Even though you may want to stay clean, sometimes life gets in the way and there are unforeseen circumstances that can lead a person down a dark road. In these situations, it’s important to have people who will support you through your struggles rather than give up on you or judge you because of your mistakes, even if this means staying away from your family because you fail to get the support you need from them. Some people even ask the question “is addiction hereditary?” because their addiction may have started seeing their parents suffer from the same problem. In this case, most experts say that the children don’t need to suffer from addiction, but if they are predisposed to this illness then it may be more likely. 

Find support groups near you

You should also consider attending a support group. Meeting others who are going through the same struggles and sharing your experiences can help provide encouragement and make it easier to stay sober. Sometimes all you need is to hear from someone else that they have been there before, especially when this person has gone on to live a happy life in recovery while still maintaining employment or family responsibilities. Take inspiration from others, and understand that it is possible to get better.

Know your triggers and how to avoid them

As much as possible, try to avoid people, places, and things that are familiar with your past. For example, if you were an alcoholic, then it may be best for you to steer clear of bars or parties where alcohol will likely be present. When you recognize your triggers, you can avoid them to remain sober. This is why it’s important to know what your triggers are before you try to stop drinking or doing drugs so that you’ll be prepared for when they come up again. It’s also important that you remain accountable by telling others about the challenges that come up during your recovery process, so they can understand what you are going through.

Keep yourself busy 

Another way that you can help to keep sobriety is by keeping yourself busy with other things in life. Oftentimes, people who are struggling with addiction turn towards drugs and alcohol because they feel bored or unhappy with their lives. Instead of focusing on the negative, it’s important to focus on making your life more fulfilling. This can be done by trying new things and being open-minded to new experiences. Not only will this help you in the long run, but it may also provide a much-needed distraction from your addiction so that you don’t turn back towards drugs or alcohol again.

Remember the reasons why you want to stay sober 

Why do you want to stay sober? When you feel like you are having a difficult time staying sober, then it is important to remember why you wanted sobriety in the first place. Reminding yourself of your reasons for wanting to stay sober can help motivate you and give you hope that it is possible to get better, even if there are moments where relapse seems like an option because life gets tough or stressful. When you go back to your reasons for wanting to stay sober, then you’ll be able to look past those bad moments and remember the end goal.


In conclusion, many things can help a person remain sober as they go through their journey of recovery from addiction, but you must focus on giving up drugs or alcohol because this is what is going to help you move forward. Achieving and maintaining sobriety is a lot of work, but with the right support system in place, it can be done. Sometimes staying sober means avoiding certain people or places that trigger you to drink again, such as family gatherings where alcohol is present. But sometimes all it takes for someone who wants to stay sober is finding their own “safe space” which might mean getting together with friends at home on a Friday night instead of going out on the town. Whatever has helped you maintain an addiction-free life so far, keep doing it!

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