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The best materials for the manufacture of outdoor furniture

In the warmer months, we try to spend more time outside. This is facilitated by various factors, such as cafes and restaurants on summer playgrounds, terraces and outdoor recreation areas are equipped in cottages and country houses, summer playgrounds are organized in parks where you can spend time outdoors.

However, lawn and patio furniture must withstand a fairly harsh operating mode – open sun, rain and high humidity, temperature changes, wind and even dust. Therefore, it is made of special materials that have increased strength and resistance to atmospheric influences. And, of course, it should be beautiful, comfortable and easy to take care of.

What materials are suitable for outdoor furniture?

1. Outdoor furniture made of artificial rattan 

Synthetic rattan is one of the latest materials developed specifically for the production of sturdy, comfortable and easy-to-use outdoor furniture. Rattan furniture Dubai provides a wide selection of high-end products. Parasol Garden Furniture has excellent customer service, and the company also offers a 2-year warranty on its products.

Advantages of rattan furniture Dubai:  

  • 100% water resistance. Even heavy rains are not able to spoil the furniture made of synthetic rattan, so it is preferable to choose such furniture for humid regions. 
  • 100% UV resistance. Such outdoor furniture does not fade under the bright sun, and does not emit harmful substances when heated.
  • Absolute resistance to rot, mold and insects.
  • High resistance to temperature changes. You can leave such rattan wicker furniture outside in winter, and nothing will happen to it.
  • Endurance. Such furniture can withstand up to 300- 500 kg. 
  • Simple exploitation. Any dirt can be easily removed from the surface of the furniture. 
  • Easy restoration and repair. 

2. Tree

Wooden furniture is made adhering to special technologies, which helps to increase their service life. However, despite the resistant finish, wooden products should not be constantly kept in the rain or snow, and over time they need to be replaced.  It is better to use wood in combination with other more durable materials, for example, steel, stone. 

A special place among wood products is occupied by teak. Products made of this material are universal. Such furniture is not afraid of precipitation, rotting, insects and mechanical loads, and is also great for the street, as it does not crack in dry weather and does not swell from high humidity.

Teak furniture has the following characteristics:

  • wear-resistant and durable;
  • it is resistant to weight loads due to the high density of wood;
  • fireproof, practically does not burn;
  • it is not afraid of moisture, has low hygroscopically;
  • does not accumulate rust from metal elements, on the contrary, protects them from corrosion.

3. Metal 

Forged products are ideal in terms of durability. Despite its high cost, such furniture is in demand. The metal is able to withstand any weather conditions and does not require special storage. However, as for the rest of the furniture, it must be treated with a special enamel coating so that it retains its integrity and aesthetic appearance. However, there is a small drawback in such furniture: it is inconvenient to sit on such furniture, so in most cases it is made of a steel frame and supplemented with wooden seat linings.

4. Plastic 

Plastic furniture enjoys its popularity due to the fact that it is used at any time of the year. It is also popular due to its cheapness, a large range of configurations, a wide palette of shades and low weight. Plastic products are easy to clean and are not afraid of moisture. Plastic products are often combined with soft decorative elements.

Typically, when starting to arrange a street area, people do not know what the current trends in the furniture market are. Therefore, we have compiled a small selection of tips and recommendations from landscape design specialists that will be popular in 2022. 

The main parameters of choosing outdoor furniture include aesthetic appeal and harmony with style, safety and environmental friendliness, functionality and versatility, as well as practicality and long service life. You can read more about each criterion for choosing outdoor furniture in this article. 

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