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Decoration Tips: How To Choose A Clock For Your Living Room

Getting a perfect clock for your living room can be quite a task when you want everything in the room to make perfect aesthetics. Details make the entire concept make sense and tell the story. Your choice of details tells a lot about your personality and taste. Here are some pieces of advice to choose a Simply Wall Clocks to be a perfect match for your living room.

Match It With Your Furniture 

It is desirable to match your furniture with the clock and make the entire concept. There are a few classic models that will match any environment. Roman or British type, big, rustic, and with huge numerals. These are bingo for the interior designs, especially for the spacy living rooms. Big and bulky clocks, even though it sounds like nonsense, are the ones you cannot go wrong with. These pieces of furniture can make quite a statement. Clocks like these should be your first choice if the furniture is classy, classic, and elegant. However, if the furniture is modern, with sharp lines, or rather minimalistic, then you should go with some decorative wall clocks. 

The Size 

Size is definitely the criterion you must decide on. If you have a big, blank wall in your living room then you should get yourself a massive one. However, you should keep in mind that it is not only the clock you want on the wall. Think in advance. Possibly there would be a time when you will want to change it or redecorate. So, do not overspend on this piece of furniture. It is not a good idea to put small clocks on the huge, blank walls. If the walls in your room are already decorated with some painting techniques, then you should reconsider the idea of getting a massive clock. In this situation, you should pick the medium-sized clock that will match the decorations and the entire aesthetics of your living room. Additionally, massive clocks can produce some sounds that will not be pleasant if listened to for a longer period of time. Then it is the best solution to get yourself the ones with the silent mechanisms. You can look online for the best silent wall clocks and pick the one you like the most. These are amazing because they look fancy and do not produce annoying sounds.

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Material and Color 

Wall clocks come in many different materials and colors. It can be wooden, handmade, painted like a small piece of art. Wall clocks in general can be made to resemble pieces of art. Wall clocks can be made of metal, plastics, acrylics, etc. It is your task to decide which material you are getting. You can match the material with your furniture. Color is another thing you need to think of. So, basically, black ones are the safe card, black matches any interior. Nowadays, there is a whole scope of silver-based and silver painted wall clocks that will make your living room a contemporary paradise. Consider making a contrast between the wall and the clock. Apparently, black painted or dark-painted clocks will look perfectly on the white and spacy wall. Contrasts are eye-catching and will make your wall clock stand out perfectly. 


Placement is very important if you want your wall clock to look well on the wall. This is why you should be considerate of the size of the clock. It must fit in and should be seen. According to the advice of experienced interior designers, a wall clock should be placed at standing eye level. The main goal is to read the time without any obstacles. If you position your wall clock a bit higher, it will make your space appear bigger than it actually is. If you place the clock some 9 inches below the ceiling, it will create an aesthetically pleasing look. 

Different Types of Clocks 

There are some different types of wall clocks that you can find on the market. Mechanical clocks, for example, demand periodic winding, approximately, every 14 days. Due to this type of winding, these clocks tend to be less accurate than some other clock types. Quartz clocks on the other hand are much more accurate since they have a crystal oscillator that creates precise frequency signals. This type of clock can use batteries as well, and they last for about a year. Atomic clocks are extremely accurate since they use atomic system vibrations as the functioning method. 

Choosing a perfect wall clock for your living room is not as easy a task as it might appear at first.

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