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Top Three Things To Consider When Going On A Family Road Trip

Road trips will continue to be a popular way to travel in 2022 and the coming years. A survey by Harvest Hosts shows that 69% of respondents do not feel safe traveling on an airplane, and this may be the reason why a long drive seems like the perfect way to travel these days.  Going on a family road trip can be fun and relaxing, giving the family a chance to see incredible sights, unwind, and make wonderful memories. If you’ve never gone on a road trip before, here are three main things you need to consider when going on a family road trip.

Choose the Right Destination

This is the number one factor to consider because all the other parts of the planning depends on this. Having a fixed destination in mind will decide what the family road trip will be like. Other than knowing the route to your destination, there are other things to consider. Where does your family want to go? How far is the destination? How many hours or days will it take to get there? This will depend on what your family is comfortable with.

The family should also designate drivers and how often they’ll take turns behind the wheel during the trip, the hours of driving, and where and when you can make rest stops. Your family can, of course, make some pit stops to make the traveling more manageable and relaxing. You can opt to go to your nearest beach coast, a lake for some fishing, or a park in the city. Your can also choose to go further and visit popular travel destinations or visit a different state. You just need to make sure that your family is ready for the long drive.

What Vehicle to Use

Another thing that you should decide on is your vehicle for the trip. Expert road trippers usually choose from two options– either they rent an RV, or use an SUV. An RV can feel like a home away from home because it has everything you need, from a working kitchen to your own bathroom. RVs also have sleeping areas, so you won’t need to stay in a hotel. However, renting an RV can be costly, and it may be difficult to drive, especially for novices.

If driving a large vehicle for a road trip is an issue, choosing a compact yet roomy vehicle, such as a small SUV, would be the better choice. In fact, according to a survey done by United Tires in 2021, respondents said that the ideal road trip includes 13 total hours of driving, five total days, and four passengers in an SUV/Crossover. A small SUV may not have the conveniences an RV can offer, but there are ways you can make the trip as comfortable as possible. You and the family can make several stopovers to rest, stretch, and enjoy great views. You can even take rest stops at beautiful parks for some downtime before reaching your destination.  

What to Pack

Finally, to make your family road trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, you need to pack all the essentials. First, you need to pack clothes and other essentials, like a first aid-kit. Next, you need to pack lots of food and snacks. According to a survey, 73% of families considered snacks to be the best way to keep kids happy on a family road trip. Aside from packing your children’s favorite snacks, you may also opt to bring some healthy food such as hard boiled eggs, cut-up fruits, trail mix, and sandwiches. Finally, you should also pack the important gadgets that your family members use. These may include smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and cameras. These gadgets will keep kids entertained throughout the drive. Make sure that these gadgets are powered up, so bringing power banks and chargers is also a must.

A family road trip is worth a try for a chance to bond with the family and create great memories. Make sure to plan for it properly to fully enjoy this vacation on the road.

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