Upgrading Your Toolbox: What Should You Buy to Fix Everything Around the House?

There is a common thread between all homes. At some point, the homeowner will likely need to make repairs, especially in their own house. Whether it’s an appliance that needs to be repaired or fixing something in the home, chances are they will need to use one or more tools at least once in their lifetime. Here is what you need for upgrading your toolbox.

1. Gas chainsaw

A chainsaw is a powerful tool that will likely be used often. Since most parts of the home are made from wood, it only makes sense to have a reliable chainsaw around for repairs and upkeep on the homestead. When choosing gas chainsaws, look for one with about 18-20 cc’s of power. Although higher cc’s may seem like a better option, they can be heavy and more difficult to use when doing finer tasks. A good chainsaw with 20 ccs of power will cut through most logs, branches, and trees with ease. Having a chainsaw in the home is just as important as having a refrigerator, stove, and oven. There are many areas of most homes that will need to be with wood at some point.

2. Cordless drill 

A cordless drill is a must-have tool for many homeowners. Since most homes are built with wood, there are plenty of places that have screws. Once the wood has been cut to pieces, it is time to move inside for more repairs or building tasks. A cordless drill is useful when it comes time to assemble furniture or even hang pictures on the wall. With a screwdriver bit, this tool can be used for almost anything. A good cordless drill should come equipped with at least 16 volts of power and an adjustable clutch on the chuck (the center part of the drill). When choosing a cordless drill, make sure you buy one with multiple speeds; this allows you to greatly expand its uses around the homestead.

3. Air compressor

A home air compressor is an ideal tool for many homeowners. This useful machine can be used to fill tires, and it can even be used as a nail gun. An air compressor is also useful for spraying lubricants and cleaning liquid. There are many uses of an air compressor; the most common use will likely be for filling tires with air. This is especially useful when your car or bicycle tire goes flat. Many people set up small portable compressors outside their garage to fill all their bike tires before heading out for work during lunchtime. A useful alternative is having a portable electric compressor at home to keep around the house. Having one around will make sure you are prepared if any other appliances or tools ever need to use compressed air at some point in the future.

4. Impact wrench

An impact wrench is a helpful tool to own, especially for automotive repairs. A wrench can be used while under the hood of a car or while changing oil. An impact wrench will save you time and effort when it comes to loosening bolts on certain parts of your vehicle. The best part about an impact wrench is that once the bolt has been turned, this tool supplies torque to keep things tight. You should consider investing in one because not only are they reliable, but they save time as well.

5. Air duster

An air duster can be helpful for many tasks around the home. This tool is useful for cleaning keyboards, computer components, and other parts that get clogged by dirt. Many people use a can of compressed air around the home to clean off their television screens and smartphones. The amount of uses for an air duster is practically endless; these useful tools aren’t just limited to computers, either. People will take out a can of compressed air in order to dust off family pictures or paintings on their walls. It doesn’t matter what it is your home needs, chances are there’s at least one tool on this list that will be useful for bringing back its former glory.

6. Cable cutter

A cable cutter is another must-have tool for many homeowners around the world. A cable cutter is powerful enough to cut through steel or even thick copper wire. Having a cable cutter around the house will be useful in case any appliances ever need spare parts. An example of this would be if your washing machine was broken, you could use the cable cutter in order to cut off certain plastic items that came with the old appliance in order to work on the new one.


These are six handy tools that can help make your home much better than it was before! All of these tools are important because once you’re done using them, they’ll leave you wondering how you ever lived without them.

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