Hiking Trails in Tanzania

6 Best Hiking Trails To Check Out in Tanzania

Tanzania is known for its vast natural landscapes – it’s home to some of Africa’s largest nature preserves. Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain, is also in Tanzania, and the great migration of wildebeest can be seen here once a year.

Hiking is the best way to explore these beautiful, alluring landscapes – you can get really close and personal. Stunning volcanic residues and flamingo-filled lakes are only a part of what you can see while trekking in Tanzania.

There are many options to choose from, and you might feel some FOMO if you don’t have a lot of time to spare. You can choose to walk through the forests, visit remarkable national parks, or try to test your strength during a hike on Kilimanjaro. Better do some research before you go – we’re here to help! For more guides and tips when planning your outdoor adventure check out The Hiking Adventure.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Thousands of hikers each year go on an adventure to Kilimanjaro. There are six official climbing routes to the top and that last from five to ten days. However, to reach the roof of Africa, you need to be an advanced trekker. The popular routes are Machame, Marangu, Rongai, and Lemosho and each of them demands a lot of strength. If it’s not your first time trekking, choose more advanced routes that last longer than five days, and reach places like Kibo Crater in Kilimanjaro National Park! Most people go on an organized tour – and this is the best way to do it, as everything is provided for you (tents, food, support), and you are guided up the many trails up to the summit by local guides.

Mount Meru

Mount Meru is located in the beautiful Arusha National Park and is about 70 km away from Kilimanjaro. The trek would take approximately ten days, and the peak rises to a height of 4,566 m. It can be a fabulous prequel to the Kilimanjaro adventure.

The most fantastic part of your trek to Mount Meru is the diverse wildlife that you can admire along the way. You’ll see numerous animal species such as elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, baboons, colobus monkeys and antelopes, and nearly 400 species of birds. To reach the summit, you will have to go through the narrow ridge from which you can see the fantastic view of Ash Cone.

Olmoti Crater

Unfortunately, a trek to the famous Ngorongoro caldera is not permitted, but you can hike to its unique surroundings. Olmoti Crater is a popular hike destination as it’s one of the ‘Big 5‘ when it comes to wildlife you can admire on your way. There is also a possibility to delve deeper to Ngorongoro Conservation Area for more adventurer ones and see the volcanic landscapes.

It’s an excellent trek for beginners, and the way it’s not that demanding. It takes less than one hour, and the path is steady. Additionally, be ready for the stunning views of the waterfalls that appear on your way!

Udzungwa Mountains

Trek through the Udzungwa Mountains is a paradise for those who crave to be far from civilization. You can find here the national park where you can admire giant forests and diverse wildlife.

There are seven main treks and several smaller, so you can pick the adequate one to your experience and abilities. It’s far from the main road, and the hikes are not so full of tourists. In the mountains, you can find unique camping sites where you can have an adventure of your life sleeping in a tent in the middle of the wildlife.

Pugu Hills

Pugu forest trek would be a one day hike for beginners. The route is not that demanding, but it’s worth seeing as, on your way, you can see plenty of unique bird speeches flying along the Misbazi river. You can explore nature on that hike as, during your trek, you would be mostly in the Tanzanian forests.

Mount Hanang

Mt. Hanang is the fourth highest mountain in Tanzania. It’s a great tour for history and culture fans, as the surroundings are dominated by the famous Iraqw and Barabaig tribe. You can experience a cultural adventure and go off the way to visit Babati town and the nearby lake. Why don’t you try fishing in the African lakes? This beautiful trek lasts up to 2 days and is destined for intermediate hikers.


Tanzanian treks are incomparable when it comes to beautiful views and wildlife. Regardless of the advancement, each person would find something for them in these African mountains. Don’t forget to take plenty of photos once you choose your route, as the landscapes are truly breath-taking.

However, you have to remember that safety goes first. If you’re not an advanced hiker, don’t choose the most challenging treks with the steepest routes. Choose excursions like Pugu Hills or Olmoti, and you can be sure that you wouldn’t be disappointed. For the more advanced adventurers, remember to prepare yourself for the demanding hikes and equip yourself properly. Nature is beautiful but can be equally dangerous, so remember that you have to be humble and train a lot before reaching summits like Mount Kilimanjaro.

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