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5 Proven Reasons Why Coffee Is Great For Your Health

Coffee is taking over our world – we live on it, we adore it, we fear losing it. Thanks to that, it has become one of the most traded commodities in the world. After all, there are many brands out there that are related to coffee, ranging from coffee and coffee sleeves manufacturers to coffee blogs and coffee stores. Whether you work or study, you drink coffee to stay energetic, happy, and because it tastes fantastic. But is it really as amazing as it seems to be?

You might have heard rumors or even read studies about why coffee is bad for your health. Perhaps you even thought about giving it up and switching to green tea? Well, we’re here to help you stop worrying and stay optimistic about coffee.

Yes, it can have many side effects, such as digestive issues, high blood pressure or even addiction. However, there is one simple way to avoid them – don’t drink too much coffee. The safest amount is three to five cups a day depending on your tolerance. And provided that you stick to the right dose, you can significantly benefit from it. Here’s how!

It Can Make You Smarter

Well, to be specific, it helps you show that you’re smart! While your intelligence is mostly dependent on genetic factors, you will not be able to use it while you are really distracted or basically falling asleep. And coffee effectively prevents that from happening!

It makes you feel less exhausted and lowers your sensory sensitivity to distractions, allowing you to concentrate on the task and stay mentally alert. This way, you can reach your full potential while studying or working! However, remember that the right amount of sleep and rest is also important to stay focused during the day. Try different types of coffee.

It Can Help You Lose Weight

It’s not a myth, coffee really can help you lose weight – when used properly, of course. Obviously, you won’t become slimmer or fitter simply by drinking coffee all day long. Instead, you’ll probably ruin your digestive tract. But you can always drink a cup of coffee before working out and let it improve your physical performance! Coffee increases adrenaline levels in your body, which will temporarily boost your strength.

Coffee also increases energy use even if you’re at rest – so you burn more calories even if you are idle. And on top of that, it suppresses appetite for a short period of time, which can be really helpful if you are trying to cut calories.

It Can Prevent You From Falling Sick

Coffee can reduce the risk of many physical ailments, such as dementia and type II diabetes. On top of that, it protects the parts of your brain that can be affected by Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s diseases by making them more active. This is especially important in restoration of brain functioning after suffering neurological damage from toxic substances like paraquat.

Additionally, it can also decrease the risk of developing ovarian and endometrial cancers! Since it speeds digestion it effectively lowers the amount of carcinogens and estrogen in your body. Other than that, it can also affect your mental state in a really positive way by making you feel more energized!

Moreover, as drinking coffee on a regular basis lowers the risk of developing many diseases, it can help you live longer! It contains lots of antioxidants as well, which is extremely beneficial to your body. Why? They are chemical compounds that help prevent cells from oxidative stress, which is believed to be one of the main causes of cancer.

It Contains Many Nutrients

There are several essential nutrients in your daily cup of coffee that can significantly improve your health. For example, magnesium helps process glucose faster, and niacin is essential for your skin, nervous system, and digestive system.

Coffee is also rich in antioxidants, including polyphenols and hydrocinnamic acids. Why is this important? Our cells undergo oxidation, which can cause inflammation and negatively impact your metabolism. As a result, you are more likely to suffer from type II diabetes and obesity. 

It Makes You Happier

Did you know that caffeine can make you feel happier? First of all, it can effectively lower the level of mood-depressing chemicals in your brain. Second of all, it blocks certain receptors in the brain from binding with adenosine, which can cause fatigue and a depressed mood. In fact, because of all of these properties, caffeine is considered a psychoactive drug.

Other than that, caffeine enhances dopamine signaling in the brain. It is great for your mind, because it keeps your brain focused and increases your motivation and productivity. However, dopamine is also addictive. Because of that, it can make you crave coffee all the time, which can be quite unhealthy. Have a better understanding of caffeine by visiting

To Sum Up

Many people can’t imagine their lives without coffee. They drink coffee for breakfast, at work, and before dinner without much thought. If you can relate to that, there are many potential side-effects that you might have to deal with in the near future. But if you stick to the right dosage, the benefits outrank the side effects.

Ideally, you should drink up to five cups of coffee daily, depending on your tolerance. That way, you can stay focused and productive throughout the day. You also have a lower risk of developing many health problems, such as Alzheimer’s or cancer, and are less likely to die early because of them. All in all, enjoy your daily coffee and live a longer, healthier life!

(Beata Hardzei)

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