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Things Every Coffee Lover Should Own

Coffee is one of the most beloved and recognized beverage the world over. It’s simple to make, easy to enjoy, and it serves a rather valuable function in the lives of everyday people. For these reasons, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. That popularity has also lead rise to the fanatics, the people who rejoice over coffee more than the average folk.

These people are obsessed over coffee and it’s about way more than just waking up and feeling energized for the day to begin. Knowing this, it’s easy to see how coffee lovers have a different approach to their appreciation of the bean. They need the right tools for making coffee, so here are some of the things every coffee owner should own.

Coffee Grinder

To properly get the right grind, you need to get a grinder. Pre-ground beans are somewhat of a faux pas for some coffee lovers, while some don’t mind as long as they’re high-quality beans, to begin with. There is no true best coffee grinder, as it comes down to preference, but the top choices are certainly useful. It also helps to make sure that you preserve the aromatics and flavor for as long as possible to preserve the quality.

French Press

A french press, or coffee press for that matter, is another staple of a coffee lover’s kitchen. Without one, you wouldn’t be able to truly expand your repertoire of coffee varieties. Small, versatile, and easy to use, they help you learn the ropes, or just make familiar favorites. Plus, you can find travel varieties as well.

Air-Tight Storage Containers

Going back to the note on coffee grounds and beans, they don’t have a very long shelf life until the quality of their aromatics and flavor start to diminish. This shouldn’t scare you, but it’s enough to consider getting air-tight storage containers. Glass is preferred because the material won’t affect the grounds and beans much for extended periods of storage. A simple solution to an annoying problem.

Espresso Machine

One of the granddaddy coffee appliances you can own is the espresso machine. Somewhat pricey at times, but full of potential. If you want to turn your home into a full-blown cafe, an espresso machine can help anyone slowly transition into being a full-on coffee lover. They take time to learn, but it’s worth the time and effort to put in learning this skill to help impress any guest.

Follow the steps when cleaning a Breville Espresso Machine. The cleaning supplies, steps, and schedule you need to keep your unit in great shape.


Of course, with all this talk about beans and grinds, the proper cup of coffee is a science, and a measurement, which means you need a good scale. A scale that comes within 0.1g of accuracy is really good, and other features to look for are USB charging because batteries are redundant at this point for something as lightweight as a digital scale. You can even use Bluetooth capable scales to track data of your measurements if you’re really strict about measuring the beans and grinds.

Stove-Top Coffee Maker

Are you searching for a coffee maker that is lightweight, portable, and inexpensive? Then it is worth taking a look at the best Moka Pots in the market. A stove-top espresso maker will help you prepare strong coffee that can serve as a base for lattes, cappuccinos, and other popular coffee drinks. Making espresso without the proper espresso machine isn’t as fun to some, but at the end of the day, it still gets the job done, right? If you like camping or you live in a small apartment without much counter space, Moka Pot is a solid option without compromising on coffee taste and quality.

Temp-Controlled Travel Mug

It’s a little subjective because the ardent purist coffee lovers will say that a good coffee must be enjoyed through and through while sitting down, while some think that a good brew will be enjoyable no matter what. Whatever your stance is, a good temp-controlled travel mug is something you can probably add to your wishlist. Being able to control the heat of a warm cup of coffee while on the way to work or out and about, or inversely, keeping a nice cold brew or iced coffee chilled in the same manner, is something you should have for general reasons.

Being a coffee lover is about more than gushing over how much coffee you drink. Anyone can talk about how they’re grumping in the morning without a cup of brew, but true coffee lovers take it to the next level when it comes to their attention to ground aromatics, weights, brew time, and aspects that the average person doesn’t think about. These products are also things that any true coffee lover shouldn’t do without.

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