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9 Beauty Tips to Get Gorgeous Hair

Flaunting beautiful and bouncy hair is the dream of every women. They urge to have hair that should cause envy to others. In the process to fulfill this need, women often turn to expensive products which actually cause more damage then repair!!

Ever wondered why you have damaged hair even after taking good care of it? Listed below are few of the many reasons that cause damage to your hair:

There are many more factors like not conditioning the hair with coconut oil regularly, styling the hair very frequently, sleeping with open hair and pollution, Exposing hair to the sun for longer durations, using shampoo’s and conditioner’s containing high amounts of chemicals, using uncleaned combs etc.

These reasons make it obvious why it is so important to take care of your hair.

Tips to get gorgeous hair

  1. Brush your hair when it is wet: It is very effective. Brushing hair when it is wet enables you to remove the knots and tangles easily without damaging or pulling your hair.
  2. Deep conditioning is the key: Your hair needs to be treated with luxury every once in a while. How Often Should I Deep Condition My Hair By Better Not Younger. You do not need to visit the parlour for this. All you need is warm coconut oil. Apply the warm oil into your scalp by sectioning the hair. You can use a small cotton ball for this. Massage the hair gently so that your hair is relaxed. Leave the oil overnight and then wash.
  3. Never use Hot water to wash your hair: There is a myth that as hot water bath is beneficial for your body, it will have the same effects on your hair. Hot water makes your hair weak and easy to break. Use lukewarm or cool water to wash your hair.
  4. Eat hair friendly food: Food that you eat has the direct effect on your hair. Eat food which is rich in fatty acids like omega 3. This promotes healthy hair. Also include milk, Dry Fruits and other foods which have high amounts of B-6 and B-12.
  5. Choose shampoo and conditioner wisely: We all have different hair. Hence, we cannot expect a shampoo that worked wonders on your friend’s hair will give you the same results. Buy and use the shampoo and conditioner which compliments the kind of hair you have. There are shampoo’s available for dull, damaged, oily and combination hair as well.
  6. Skip salon visits and use natural remedies instead: It is not compulsory to visit the salon to get those beautiful tresses. You can get beautiful hair at home also by using natural remedies like Conditioning your hair with olive hair, massaging hair with evergreen coconut oil, using egg mask, using essential oils etc. In this way, you will save your hair from harmful chemicals and increase their life.
  7. Braid your hair while sleeping: Open hair while sleeping makes it easy to break. When you turn in sleep, you are likely to cause damage to your hair. Therefore, always try to braid the hair gently while going to sleep.
  8. Apply hair masks: Hair masks are quite in trend. This practice can be done every once in a week. For this, you can use essential oils like castor oil, Hibiscus oil or olive oil. The oil needs to be warm and applied on the roots. Other than giving you beautiful hair, it also relieves you from stress.
  9. Do not over wash your hair: It is good to wash hair to maintain hygiene but this shouldn’t be overdone. You should wash your hair just 2 or maximum 3 times weekly. Washing hair every day is a complete No.

Having beautiful hair gives you confidence too. But most important part lies in loving the way your hair is. Don’t try to change the natural tendency of your hair and just keep loving them!!

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