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How to Find the Right Challenge Coin Holder: A Guide

Have you taken the time to put together an incredible challenge coin collection? If so, you shouldn’t be shy about showing your challenge coins off!

The best way to do this is by investing in a challenge coin holder. You can use this coin holder to put your challenge coins on display in your home or office for all to see.

You don’t want to buy just any old challenge coin holder, though. Instead, you should search high and low for the best coin display for your challenge coins. It’ll put them in the best possible light from the second that you start displaying them to the world.

Today, we’re going to walk you through several options that you’ll have when it comes to challenge coin holders. Decide which one would work best for you and your specific challenge coin collection.

Here are the various options that you’ll have for your challenge coins.

Wooden Challenge Coin Case Display

Would you like to get your hands on a challenge coin holder that is relatively simple and straightforward? Then you can’t go wrong with something like a wooden challenge coin case display.

This is an incredible option for anyone who has a very large collection of challenge coins. This kind of holder is typically made out of wood, and it has a velvet material on the interior of it along with special slots for your challenge coins.

To top it all off, this type of challenge coin holder also has a door on it with glass so that people can look at your collection without touching your challenge coins. You can mount it right on a wall to allow people to check out your coins when they’re in your home or office.

Slant-Top Challenge Coin Display

If you’re in the market for a challenge coin holder that you can put on the wall, the one that we just mentioned would be ideal. But if you would prefer to keep your challenge coin holder on a table or desk, then this slant-top challenge coin display is for you.

This challenge coin holder can be set up on almost any flat surface that you want, and it can hold almost 100 challenge coins in most cases. It’s usually going to be constructed out of solid wood to make it strong and durable.

You will need to be mindful of the fact that it’s not going to look right if you don’t yet have it filled up with challenge coins. But as long as you’re able to put enough challenge coins in it, it will be a stunning statement piece in almost any room that you put it in.

Multi-Tiered Challenge Coin Pyramid Case

Although a slant top challenge coin display will be aesthetically pleasing, it’s not going to be able to hold a candle to this challenge coin holder. A multi-tiered challenge coin pyramid case will be a true showstopper in every sense of the word.

This type of challenge coin holder will have a very wide base and get narrower as you go up just like a pyramid. It’ll set you up with a myriad of places to put your challenge coins.

You can scatter different challenge coins throughout the case to keep people intrigued while they’re checking it out. They’ll be amazed by all of the challenge coins that you have coming at them from a bunch of different angles.

Custom Challenge Coin Wall Holder

Do you want to have a challenge coin holder customized for your home or office? It’s easy to secure a holder for your challenge coins like this today.

If you’re going to be showing off challenge coins that come from the Air Force and other branches of the military, you might want to have a challenge coin holder created to look like an American flag. It’ll show off your patriotism while also showing off your challenge coins at the same time.

You can have a custom challenge coin wall holder designed to hold as many challenge coins as you want. You can also include whichever colors that you want it to have and make it out of any materials that you would like.

Challenge Coin Album

How cool would it be if you could occasionally take your challenge coins out on the road so that you can show them to people? You might want to consider getting a special challenge coin holder that will allow you to do this.

You can score a challenge coin album that looks just like the albums that are used to store other types of coins that people collect. It’ll give you an opportunity to bring your challenge coins with you when you leave your home or office.

These kinds of challenge coin holders will also protect your challenge coin collection by keeping dust off of them and stopping the sun from shining on them. They’ll stay bright and shiny for many years to come when they’re tucked away in an album.

Pick Out the Right Challenge Coin Holder for Your Collection

Building a big challenge coin collection isn’t easy. You’re going to have to spend a ton of time and money putting one together from scratch.

So once you have a sizeable challenge coin collection, you should begin to invest in challenge coin holders. A good challenge coin holder will protect your precious investments while also making it possible for you to display them.

Choose the right challenge coin holder for your collection from the options listed above. It’ll have you displaying your challenge coin collection in no time at all.

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