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Four Simple Tips for Keeping Healthy Skin in the Winter Months

Winter is a time when your skin is a little more exposed to the elements than usual. The wind has a little extra whip in it, which can split lips and cause the skin to blotch up or become dry. The changes from hot rooms to the cold exterior of your home can also impact negatively on your skin – as can the face mask that you may be wearing when you go to the store. In order to maintain glowing and healthy skin this winter, then it’s worth being armed with the below tips – helping you care for your skin in the coldest months of the year.

Diet and Exercise

If you weren’t aware already, healthy skin – especially on the face – is strongly associated with your diet and the way in which you exercise. That’s not to say that this is the single most important thing to concentrate on when you’re looking to improve your skin, but it’s a factor that you shouldn’t discount. Try to reduce your consumption of oils and fats in your food. Reduce alcohol consumption, too. And try to exercise regularly in order to help your body regulate itself and your skin glow with energy and good health.


Another huge element in skincare – and this goes from the bottom of your feet to the top of your scalp – is frequent and thorough washing. If you’re not washing a part of your body every time you get in the shower, you shouldn’t be surprised if and when it breaks out in spots, rashes, or other unpleasant conditions. Make sure that you’re using soaps and other cleansers that are dermatologically tested so that you’re sure you’re doing no harm to your skin when you wash it.

Skincare Products

There are so many skincare products in the world; you’ll have the impression that you’ll never try them all – and you may never find the product that truly works for you. But this defeatism is only ever driven by a lack of knowledge – and knowledge is something that you can build up, over time, to find the right product for you. To give a small example, cosmeceutical skin care products are designed with sensitive skin in mind and, with high-quality research behind them, you’ll be sure that you’re using products that have been made to suit your skin and your skincare goals.


There are several habits that contribute to good skin and several habits that contribute to bad skin. Washing your hands regularly will help you avoid touching your face with hands that have contaminants and germs upon them. Washing your face morning and night – or after exercise – will also help you maintain good skin. Poor habits include smoking, which has been proven to produce spots, and eating fast food or any junk food containing sugars, salts, and fatty acids. These are all likely to break you out in spots that are difficult to shift.

These four tips will help you get better control of your skincare routine and your skin’s health during these long and cool winter months.

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