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6 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Most of us are desirous of making life-changing decisions. We all want to take that extra step that will help transform the world’s perception of us. Most importantly, we hope and pray for the resolve to go through with these decisions and forever change the trajectory of our lives. Making a weight loss decision like choosing to go for bariatric surgery can change your life in many ways. It reduces your chances of falling victim to chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, and several types of cancer. What then are the major points that one should keep in mind? To prepare for what is coming, surely it is essential to know the necessary precautionary measures and adjustments one would need to make. The purpose of this article is to give useful pointers that will help prepare you for this incredible journey you are about to embark on

Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Gastric Sleeve Surgery

A bariatric surgery focuses on altering the body’s digestion process to reduce the amount of food broken down and absorbed by the body. Vida Wellness and beauty stated that a sleeve gastrectomy has great rewards of about 60-80% excess weight loss. However, it is crucial to keep certain helpful tips in mind to reap these rewards and keep them long-term. Depending on how committed one is to altering lifestyle and new eating habits post-surgery, the amount of weight lost will vary.

Recovery Is Different For Everyone 

Keep in mind that the recovery experience for every individual is unique. Our bodies react and adapt to changes differently. So forget what that know-it-all friend of yours told you. You will be advised to take several weeks off before doing anything stressful or going back to work. A period of five weeks is a good enough transition period for you to fully recover and discover your new self. During this period, you might have a perfectly functioning digestive system, or you may experience a little difficulty in digesting fibrous veggies and carbs. These reactions are perfectly normal either way, so don’t get yourself worked up about it.

Beware Of Online Support Groups 

Online support groups can be both a blessing and a curse. You will find people with similar emotions, experiences, and questions. You will also have access to people who have gone through the experience and are reaping the rewards. This community can become an anchor for you as you proceed. You will also find some not-so-pleasant set of people who will, in one way or another, get under your skin. Do well to avoid this lot.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Preoperative Diet

Depending on your body mass index, you may be required to undergo a preoperative diet. The bariatric surgeon will give further instructions on whether or not this is required. It is advisable not to eat any solid food a day before the surgery.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and constipation should also be expected. Despite its many benefits, the sleeve gastrectomy often results in certain foods not agreeing with you initially. This is why it is important to take vitamins and supplements before and after the procedure. This will help inadequately deal with the nutritional problems after surgery.

Transfer Addiction 

In most cases, obesity comes as a result of food addiction. As you will find with most addictions, something else usually fills that void once a coping mechanism is taken away. It’s common for people to pick up new addictions after a weight loss surgery. It may be sex, alcohol, drugs, shopping, or anything capable of giving a similar high. This is why doctors choose to take patients through a psychological evaluation before starting the process. Having a healthy physical body is not enough. You must also crave a healthy mind.

Mind And Body Synergy 

In normal life, you may have discovered instances when it felt as though your mind was miles ahead of your body or vice versa. This feeling is similar to what you will experience after bariatric surgery. It will feel like your body is changing faster than your brain can capture. In the first year after bariatric surgery, a person will likely lose about 50-70% of excess body weight. For people who have spent a significant period of their lives at a certain weight class, the rate of weight loss might feel a bit unreal.

Making a decision is not as important as sticking to it and going through it till one achieves the desired aim. Being intentional about your health is a brave and the right decision. We all know that undergoing surgery is a huge deal. Besides, ensuring that your body and mind are healthy enough for the operation is essential for a successful surgery and subsequent weight loss.

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