Spring Declutter

Get Ready for Painless Spring Declutter!

Spring cleaning is a widespread tradition, but what about tidying up? We gather so many items over a year, making our homes feel stuffy, messy, and unwelcoming. Decluttering is a fantastic way to free your home and mind, creating room for the things you want in your life. 

The task can feel stressful and overwhelming, though. Let’s explore the steps towards a painless declutter for you to take up this spring.

Create a Checklist

Decluttering can’t happen overnight, and sometimes, not even a weekend is enough to tackle everything. You can’t pause your everyday obligations, such as work and kids, to throw away old items. 

Starting with a clear, well-structured plan is the best way to move forward confidently and avoid becoming overwhelmed and dropping the task altogether. 

Walk around the house and note everything that needs to get done or use a pre-made checklist and tailor it to your situation. Breaking down one massive task into a bunch of bite-sized chores keeps the momentum going and gives you a visual representation of progress. 

Spring Declutter

Encompass Everything

It can be easy to focus only on storage spaces, for example, and disregard all other clutter throughout your house or rental property. That’s a sure way to feel like you’ve wasted valuable time. Why not approach the project with a method that ensures you’ll be happy with the results instead?

You could go room-by-room until everything looks tidy. In that case:

  • Don’t forget the outside areas. Your garden, backyard, or patio quickly becomes a storage space for old furniture – don’t disregard it. 
  • Dedicate a backup area. If you like buying in bulk, don’t let your stocks of toilet paper or cleaning supplies hoard all the room in your closets.
  • Tackle paper. Years-old receipts and utility bills might seem too important not to keep, but you likely don’t need them. If you’re uncomfortable getting rid of them, a stylish binder is your best bet.

Alternatively, the popular Marie Kondo method instructs people to go category-by-category. That way, you can start small, going through old cosmetics or cutlery, and move on to more extensive projects with time.

Make It Stress-Free

It’s hard to work, take care of your kids, tend to yourself, and leave enough time to organize your home. 

Still, giving yourself a task or two each day is worth it in the long-run. Save the closets and cabinets for the weekends, and focus on drawers and shoeboxes during the workweek.

If you’re dreading the idea, blast your favorite music album or invite friends over. 

A declutter party is a fantastic idea if you’re finding it difficult to get excited about the tasks before you. Incentivize people with pizza and the freedom to grab whatever they like from the discard pile, and you’ll end up having a blast. 

Your family could also help. Create a chore wheel and have your partner and kids assist you. It’ll feel much less overwhelming when you’re not the only one elbow-deep in ancient editions of Vogue.

Approach It Methodically

Have your cleaning supplies next to you, and be ready to wipe every shelf and floor surface as soon as you declutter it. 

Put on some comfy clothes and take a systematic approach to the chores. By doing so, you won’t find yourself facing another massive task the very second the previous project is over. 

Organization is Key

You won’t be sure what to do with each object the second you pick it up from the shelf. Give yourself several options:

  • Sturdy trash bags for the garbage can
  • Recycling bags separated by material
  • Containers for things to keep
  • Boxes for donating items
Painless Spring Declutter

Once you sort out all the clutter, you might find that you still have too many belongings. However, before you head to Best Online Cabinets to shop for extra storage space, give yourself a few days to think about the items you want to keep. 

There might be an emotional attachment between you and that old mug set or baby clothes. Would they work better as gifts to a family member? Could you donate the items to children in need? 

Consider additional storage only after you’ve gone through everything at least two times. 

Enjoy the Process

Finally, remember not to take it too seriously. You might be tempted to start with the most challenging task first, thinking that everything will flow smoothly from then onward.

However, decluttering requires a lot of physical and mental energy. It’s best to start small to get used to the idea of discarding possessions. Decluttering is a journey towards a better-organized lifestyle – savor every step of the way. 

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