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What To Look For In A Senior Living Home

Finding the right senior living situation for you or a person you care for is often a rather disorienting task. Luckily, there are a few simple yardsticks by which you can measure the quality of a senior living community. Here is a quick guide to some of those elements.

Adequate Staffing

One of the most significant factors that affects the quality of care in a senior living community is the quality and quantity of available staff. Your choice of a good place to retire to for yourself or another person that has specific memory or physical disability needs should be in part influenced by the company’s track record in staffing.

Not all senior living communities are willing or able to provide the right number of trained and motivated staff to look after those with additional needs. This can seriously influence the quality of life. During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many care home providers have struggled to find enough staff to safely run their homes. Choosing an established company with good staffing provision like Kirkwood assisted living in Missouri is a must. Don’t take the advertising copy posted by a community at face value. Always ring the company in order to get an honest look at their staffing forecast.

Privacy And Comfort

No matter what you or the person you are helping’s needs are, the assisted living community chosen must allow for a continuation of the privacy and comfort that significantly affect the quality of life experienced.

There are several levels of care offered at senior living communities in the United States, and they all entail different levels of privacy. Self-contained serviced apartments, for instance, are perfect for people with minimal care needs that want to maintain a completely independent life around other people their own age. Nursing homes are for residents who need lots of care and consequently are generally less private places for individuals.


Even if a resident needs so much care that they cannot regularly leave a senior living home, it is important to find them (or yourself) a room with a view. The location of a home can have a big impact on quality of life. Every kind of sensory input is significant. There is even a great deal of evidence to suggest that exposure to the sensory inputs created by natural spaces has a physiologically positive impact.

Medical Facilities

As people grow older, their medical care needs may change significantly. The availability of good medical facilities is immensely important. Even if you or the person you are helping does not currently require significant care, it is important to choose a place where care can be given if needed. Many good senior living communities have several grades of medical care which a resident can pass through.

Good Food, Company, And Entertainment

Life is not properly lived to the full without the possibility of good food, good company, and stimulating pursuits. It is important to find a place that suits and fulfills a person’s needs beyond their immediate care.

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