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Top Skincare Tips for Your Spring Staycation

With nearly one billion people across the world confined to their homes owing to the pandemic, people are finding ways to ‘dance like nobody is watching,’ enjoying live streamed concerts, taking part in live mindfulness meditation sessions and treating themselves to home spa experiences. If skincare and travel ignite your passion, then you may already be trying out a host of new products so you can be in top shape for your upcoming summer vacation. Make sure to add a few pampering elements into your routine, so the experience of caring for yourself has the added element of mindfulness. If you are looking for ideas to do something extra kind for yourself, the following tips may be useful.

Let the World Inspire You

Whether your favorite travel destination is the romantic waterfalls of Indonesia or the snow-capped peaks of the French Alps, you can find inspiration for your pampering staycation from these destinations. If you will be turning part of your home into a spa, why not purchase spring water from Vichy, hot poultices from Thailand, or a sea salt scrub from a revered Mediterranean escape? Doing so will be a strong reminder that although your travel plans are currently being put in hold, as airports reopen and airlines begin to operate, you will be able to visit old and new dream destinations alike.

Start from the Inside

In her seminal book Beauty Revolution, beauty guru Leslie Kenton delves into the inexorable link between diet and skin quality. Diets that are high in sugar and starches cause collagen fibers (the building blocks of skin) to cross link and the result is wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity. Fighting skin aging through diet is easy. Embrace the Mediterranean diet, which comprises plenty of fruits and vegetables and life-giving Omega-3 oils. Avoid excess consumption of stimulant diuretics such as coffee, which can dehydrate skin. Also steer clear of fad diets; they can deprive your skin of the nutrients it needs to glow.

Try Organic Skincare

Although retinoids and other active ingredients can do wonders for skin, they can sometimes dry it out or leave skin with a tight feeling. A pampering staycation is all about feeling good, and using organic products can help you do so owing to their gentle nature. Just a few luxury organic brands that might be worth splurging on are Argentum Apothecary, Isun Skincare, and Tata Harper. All these ingredients have a range of products ranging from beautiful balmy cleansers to moisturizing masks. Isun in particular is famed for its oil blends. If you have always been shy of oils because you think they will make your skin oily, think again! Often, sebaceous glands go into overdrive because of one basic truth: your skin is dehydrated. Oil traps moisture in and keeps the active ingredients you have applied closer to your skin

Facial or Massage Time

Few things are as pleasurable as a facial or massage so ask those you are in confinement with if they would be interested in taking turns for a chosen treatment. Make a spa menu and include unique treatments such as hot oil, hot stone, or aromatherapy, doing a little research so the experience feels like you are at a spa. You can buy massage candles online with wax that is meant for massage use. These special waxes contain essential oils made to smoothen and moisturize skin. Practically everything you need is just a click away so list down the items you need to make you and others feel special. Your list might include a robe, soft slippers, cotton hair bands to keep hair away from the face, special massage oils, scented candles, and the like.

Embracing the Intricacy of Korean Skincare Routines

The Korean skincare craze has really taken over the world of celebrities and influencers, with everyone from Jeffee Star to Elizabeth Hammer showing off their long skincare routines based on the Korean penchant for pampering routines involving 10 or more stages. Korean skincare routines begin with thorough cleansing and involve the use of essences, toners, masks, serums, oils, moisturizers, and more. Taking the time to cleanse your skin with a balm instead of an easy sudsing solution will clean out your pores better. It will leave skin with a clean yet soft sensation. The Korean skincare routines backs the use of facial oils in addition to moisturizers. Even if you have acne or oily skin, this step should not be avoided if you wish to avoid excess oiliness in the daytime.

Designing your Spa Space

Aim to create a sense of beauty and calm in your makeshift home spa. Researchers at Cornell University found that just as little as 10 minutes in a natural area can reduce physical and mental stress, so bring a little of the great outdoors in — or better yet, set up your spa in your garden. Flowers, plants, and fragrant therapeutic-grade essential oil can be diffused through your space with the help of an essential oil diffuser. Bring in other elements that are reminiscent of a spa. Think a beautiful Buddha statue, a portable water fountain, and chill-out music. Ambience is very important when it comes to capturing the appeal of a luxury spa. Serve a little herbal tea and slice fresh fruit, serving it on a tray to family members after their treatment. 

If you are missing the joy of traveling to your favorite destinations and enjoying a massage, try to create your very own oasis of beauty at home. Invest in products and accessories, focusing on healing and holistic care by choosing organic products. Enlist the help of those living with you, taking turns to provide an array of different treatments. The idea is that everyone should experience their idea of a relaxing treatment — be it a facial or a sedating massage. Don’t forget the trimmings. Fragrance, aesthetics, and sound can all help create a spa-like ambience. Finally, don’t forget to please your spa ‘clients’ with a few healthy treats they can enjoy while relaxing post-facial or massage.

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