Unique Ways to Use Dry and Wet Vacuum Cleaners

Numerous households in the United States have water extractor vacuums. The wet/dry vacs or shop vacs come in handy for quickly cleaning up messes inside or out. But Jon-Don Janitorial and Building Services offers a few new uses for the little appliances that owners may not have considered.

Pet Grooming

Grooming fur babies is notoriously a messy task. The size of the animal and the length and thickness of the coat make the care more challenging. But, a wet/dry vac makes cleanup that much easier and quicker. For simple comb-outs or brush-outs, clean the mess with a shop vac minus the filter. By attaching a soft bristle comb or brush to the hose, pet owners loosen and remove fur in one fell swoop. The devices are time savers after fur clippings too. Following a bath, it is not unusual to use a towel to remove moisture from a pet’s fur. Perhaps, consider using the blower function on the wet/dry vac to perform the same task. The air emitted is cooler in temperature, which reduces the risk of possible burns.

Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Removing the ash and soot from fireplaces or fire pits is commonly considered an unpleasant chore. Jon-Don Janitorial and Building Services reports that “soot can be difficult, sometimes impossible to remove.” But, water extractor vacuums are right for the job. Make sure the remnants are completely cooled before removal. Apply a fine dust filter or high-efficiency dust collection bags to the vacuum’s interior to prevent airborne debris. Otherwise, remove the filter completely. If noticing the ashes in fire pits are damp or moist secondary to lawn sprinklers or rain, cleanup is still no problem when opting to use the wet/dry vac. The devices have no problem removing ashes, wood and paper remnants and dirt.

Stain Removal

Furniture and vehicle upholstery, along with carpets, often become stained at some point in time. Rather than renting a cumbersome cleaning machine and detergent, put the wet/dry vac to work. There are a variety of stain removal products on the market that provide amazing results. Simply apply a favorite product to the stain and work the compound into the upholstery or carpet as recommended. After allowing the appropriate amount of time, use the shop vac to remove the residue. Entire vehicle seats, furnishings or room carpets may be cleaned and brightened in the same manner. Furthermore, when noticing a carpet dent after moving heavy furniture, use the vacuum to restore the pile to its former height.

Deck Cleaning

Over time, dirt, debris and weather can dull outdoor decking. Power-washing improves the appearance immensely by cleaning and moisturizing the wood. However, too much water warps and damages wood too. Implement shop vacuums for the chore to be on the safe side. Use the blower function to initially remove leaves and surface dirt. After power-washing or scrubbing the deck, remove the dirty water using the vacuum to prevent the wood from absorbing the excess.

Keep the wet/dry suctioning and blower functions of water extractor vacuums in mind before performing various tasks inside and outside the home. The portable little machines are capable of much more than owners typically realize.

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