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4 Ways You Can Improve the Look of Your Computer Setup

Creating the perfect computer setup is all the rage nowadays, especially since a lot of people are working from home or getting into gaming! Having the perfect setup just makes things look and feel way better, and who doesn’t like an aesthetically pleasing corner in their room? There’s more to it than just getting a big monitor and a lamp for your desks, a lot of elements go into it – the sky’s the limit if you have the right budget! Here are 4 ways you can improve the look of your computer setup!  

1. Get inspired

Before you jump into it and spend lots of money, try to have a specific vision in mind. Getting inspired by looking at mood boards and planning your setup in advance is a must! See what kind of aesthetic fits with the space, you already and try to work around it! For instance, if you are into a certain video game or series, you can get merchandise and decorate your desk with it – it will look good and it will constantly remind you of your favorite thing! This doesn’t have anything drastic, a figurine or a few stickers on your desk can go a long way! There are also plenty of anime playmats and merchandise that’s specifically catered to computer setups to choose from! Just make a list of things you like, have a rough idea of how you want your setup to look like, and hunt for those specific items! 

2. Get the proper equipment

Nowadays, the computer industry definitely pays attention to making things look nice, as well as practical! So if you are someone who prefers to keep things soft and pink – there are so many aesthetically pleasing computers, as well as other equipment like gaming chairs and headphones. All of those things together can make a nice-looking setup – as long as it’s coherent there is no way you can fail! Once you have a specific aesthetic in mind, it’s time to build around it – so instead of settling on a regular MAC computer, try finding equipment that you actually like and build your dream setup in no time! Focus on getting the monitor and computer first and get the other equipment after in order to create a coherent setup – see if you are more for two monitors or if you prefer to have a single one, this strategic approach will help you a lot in the long run! 

It’s no secret that this isn’t the most wallet-friendly project. Before making any purchases, it’s important to ballpark a budget for your new setup. Do your own research and look up prices for refurbished LCD computer monitors, mechanical keyboards, speakers, and more! Having a budget in mind will help you decide which hardware, brand, or accessory to go for.

3. Tidy up

So you have your dream setup and lots of beautiful decors and your desk still doesn’t look like it came out of a Pinterest board? Getting rid of unnecessary clutter and organizing your desk accordingly can actually completely transform it! When working with a desktop setup, there are lots of cables and gadgets flying around – this can look messy, and it’s just not practical at all. The first thing you should do is find suitable ways to either tame or hide the cables completely, giving your desk a put-together look! Less is more when it comes to aesthetically pleasing setups, so cutting down on the amount of stuff on your desk is a must! This not only makes things look better, but it also makes cleaning way easier by cutting the time – you can always add more stuff if you want, but base your computer setup on essentials first!

Computer Setup

4. Set the mood

Once you have all your gadgets and equipment, it’s time to set the proper mood in your work area – and the best way to do this is by using light! Depending on your needs, and if you prefer to work in a bright environment or a darker one, you should plan what kind of lights will suit your desk. Some people prefer to have a lamp which they can turn on and off as they like, while others prefer to have neon colorful lights surrounding their desk – it’s also good to look at your space and see what kind of light will go best! Nowadays, purple or blue lights are all the rage – they can transform any room and give it a futuristic feeling without making it look too gimmicky! 

At the end of the day, it all depends on your wants and needs – as long as you have a practical setup first you can always add to it and create the look you are going for. As long as you have a vision and know what you want, setting up a good desk shouldn’t be a problem at all, and remember that it’s always best to start with the practical side of things rather than just looks!

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