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Love Marriage: Why is it not a Myth? How to Find Your “Mr. Big”?

Love marriage is a beautiful bond that many long for in their lives. When it goes right, it can be a source of strength that inspires both lovers and lets them create a fulfilling life. This article aims to show you some guide points on how you can achieve a great marriage for yourself

It can be said that love is the ruling force that makes the world go round. Most people are looking for their significant other, and it is amongst the top priorities for a good portion of humanity. True love, established in a happy marriage, is the ideal that gives power to so many dreams. Most girls envision their wedding from early on and look forward to it all their lives. It is a traditional cornerstone of a life well-lived. If you have been looking for the right person to fill your life, or are looking to take your current relationship to the next level, this is for you. In the following article, we aim to show you some great tips on ensuring you will achieve a happy love marriage that will brighten your days to come. 

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Can Love Marriage be successful?

Love is blind, as the saying goes. It doesn’t matter who you love, whether you met them through a friend, dating sites, or serendipity. All that matters is your hearts speak the same language. Love is not something to force or push. When it is right, it is effortless and self-evident. Say you are looking for one of your dreams, or have found the partner you would like to spend your life with. Is it not enough to just be together? Is a love marriage good, and even necessary in the 20th century?

 Some consider that love marriage is outdated in our current times. According to that school of thought, there are no real gains to be won by getting married, and it is just a costly party with too much commitment involved. Troubled love relations of parents and fairly high divorce rates both, can fuel the notion that marriage is just a myth. 

However, these people ignore the significant symbolic nature of marriage, and what a love marriage can bring to the table. By engaging in a ritualized marriage, two people swear to a high ideal of commitment. This elevates the spirit of all people involved. Whether it is done inspired by a given faith, a sense of tradition, or otherwise – the commitment is a symbol that is as noble as it is purely beautiful. Most weddings are remembered with great positivity. Even if the marriage may not last for the whole life, pursued authentically, it is an emotional high point that provides a special joy beyond words—both to the family and the lovers involved. 

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Can Love Sustain a Marriage? 

There are many facets to what love is. There is the romantic stage where butterflies float in your stomach, and the world is looked at through pink lenses. It is a state of being that should be cherished and prolonged as much as possible. 

If you ask couples who have been together for a long time, they will most likely enlighten you that love marriage is synonymous with work. Any lasting relationship will require effort to be sustained, as challenges will have to be faced. Let us look at some tips that will help you maintain a happy love marriage throughout the years. 


One of the key ingredients to a successful marriage is good, honest communication. So many fights happen merely because one doesn’t understand the other and simply misinterprets emotions or words. To be a good communicator, one has to also be a good listener. 

Forgiveness and Gratitude

To be in a happy, loving relationship for the long term, it is said that you need to fall in love with your partner anew each day. Love marriage and an arranged marriage are not the same things. Some people have to endure a partnership that is forced. Consider that perspective and be happy that you have chosen your spouse and try to refresh this emotion as often as you can. Just simply cultivating gratitude for having a significant other can truly do wonders. If you learn the ability to forgive, you will avoid a lot of unnecessary drama, making more time for growing love. 

It is OK to Disagree

Know that you and your spouse do not have to be psychological twins. Each has strengths and weaknesses that make you stronger as a unit. In a healthy love marriage, a problem-solution mindset is key. If the solution is to agree to disagree with saving your nerves, so be it. Learn to love how you differ and celebrate that. Never go into a marriage with the plan to change who somebody is, which can be a recipe for disaster. Learn to love them as they are, and if they improve, great!

We hope to have inspired you that love marriage is more than just a modern myth, buried by all sorts of tales. If you feel like marriage should be a part of your life, then by all means, celebrate that and be proud of your choice. There are wonderful marriages that last for lifetimes, and there is no reason you shouldn’t be one to experience such joy. If you have any tips on cultivating a loving relationship, please share them in the comments!

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